Treasure Blind (2008)

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  • Runtime: 115 min | USA:83 min
  • Filming Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • Budget: $160,000(estimated)
  • Director: Brian Shoop
  • Stars: Jo Babbitt, Elisabeth Barnett and Milton Berry
  • Original Music By: Jeff Shoop   

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Brian Shoop  screenplay

Known Trivia

  • Daniel Brookshire is really blind.
  • The actor playing Chief Yahola in the battle of Chusto Talasa is David Yahola, a descendant of the Chief.

Plot: Full synopsis »

Story: If veteran Tulsa cabbie Cliff Edwards (Brian Shoop) would look in his life’s rearview, he’d see a string of wrecked relationships and missed opportunities… See full synopsis »


Synopsis: If veteran Tulsa cabbie Cliff Edwards (Brian Shoop) would look in his life’s rearview, he’d see a string of wrecked relationships and missed opportunities. But, Cliff’s not looking back if he can help it. He’s too busy trying to track down a legendary stash of Civil War gold. What he digs up instead is the very past he’s tried to bury. He thought he was ready to give anything to find real treasure. But, that was before he discovered what it would cost him.

Cliff thinks he has a good chance of finding a treasure of gold hidden near Tulsa during the Civil War. So, he drives a cab during the day to support himself (sort of) while he hunts for treasure. His boss Mr. Morton (Billy Paul) is overbearing and critical and chews him out for passing up fares while searching for treasure, and his lady landlord Mrs. Preston (Jo Babbitt) threatens to evict him for non-payment of rent. Just when things could hardly get worse, Cliff answers the door to find a women and a young blind boy. She tells him that the boy is his grandson and she can’t take care of him any more, and mumbles a wild story about her relationship with the son that Cliff never knew. Then, before Cliff can intervene, she drives off leaving the little boy, Henry (Daniel Brookshire), on Cliff’s doorstep.

Reluctantly, Cliff takes in the little boy, and the boy starts accompanying Cliff when he drives his cab, singing Bible songs at the top of his lungs and charming all of Cliff’s passengers. But Cliff’s boss tells him that NOBODY rides in the cab without paying a fare! One night when Henry is not with Cliff, a fare climbs into the back of the cab and introduces himself as Jack (Joseph Shoop), Cliff’s long lost son. He was displaced by Katrina and now is showing up on Cliff’s doorstep because he has nowhere else to go. Cliff throws him out of the cab, but the next morning, there’s Jack on the doorstep again. He tells Cliff that he is in trouble with some bad guys over a $17,000 gambling debt. He has found out that Cliff is searching for buried treasure and hopes that Cliff can find the treasure and give it to Jack to pay off the gambling debt. Reluctantly, Cliff takes in Jack, and when Henry hears his voice, he throws himself into Jack’s arms, thrilled to see his father again.

The next time the boss catches Cliff driving with with Henry in the front seat, he fires Cliff and confiscates his cab. And, the landlady is by again, threatening eviction, but she meets Henry and upon finding out that he is living with Cliff, she reluctantly gives him another 30 days rather than to evict a blind boy.

Cliff, Jack and Henry continue to look for the buried treasure while the bad guys turn up the pressure to come up with the money. Finally, one night after Jack made one last trip to the supposed treasure site and came up empty, the bad guys invade Cliff’s house, tie him and Jack up, tell them that they have 12 more hours to come up with the money, and they take Henry along as a hostage with the threat that if the money isn’t produced, something bad is going to happen to Henry. At this point, Jack gets himself untied and walks out to leave town, and tells Cliff that he is just doing to Cliff what Cliff did to him when he was a boy – abandon him.

In desperation, worried about Henry’s safety, Cliff prays to God for a miraculous solution. He also prays for Jack as well, even though Jack has abandoned him. But Jack is just outside and hears the prayer, and comes back inside, amazed that Cliff would pray for him even as he had walked out to save himself. So Cliff and Jack are back together, but the problem of the money is still confronting them, and the bad guys have raised the amount to $27,000 – an impossible sum in their circumstances.

About that time, in comes Rodney Preston (Denis Pimm) a young friend of Cliff’s, who has been trying to get Cliff to consider selling some of the treasure stuff he has found before, knowing that Cliff needs the money. He confesses that he sneaked into Cliff’s house and took a couple of his rare coins to show them to a collector, and the collector was excited to see the coins. He writes the boy a check for a couple of the coins, for an amount of (guess what?) $27,000!

With God’s miraculous provision, when the bad guys come back the next morning, they are astounded to find that Cliff and Jack have come up with the money, so they hand over Henry, unharmed. The baddest guy asks Cliff how he managed to come up with the cash. He simply says, "Prayer."

In the last scenes, after paying Mrs. Preston ALL of the back rent, Cliff and Jack join Henry in church, and on the way out Cliff hands the pastor a sizeable contribution. Obviously they have sold more of Cliff’s treasure for a considerable sum. Then the three go out and get in Cliff’s new cab, sporting the name Father and Sons Cab Company on the side.

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Produced By:

  • Travis Jones known as executive producer
  • Sam Rader known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Jo Babbitt known as Mrs. Preston
  • Elisabeth Barnett known as Olivia
  • Milton Berry known as Pauly
  • Jon Biggs known as Chuck
  • Bill Brazelton known as Red
  • Daniel Brookshire known as Henry Edwards
  • Sean Burgess known as Wil
  • Stacie Cannon known as Alisha
  • Ryan Dunlap known as Alva
  • Brett Flynn known as Sherriff
  • Mark Gullickson known as Jerry
  • Jeff Howard known as Edgar
  • Shrae Johnson known as Samantha
  • Nate Madden known as Virgil Elias
  • Mary Neff known as Mrs. Grosjean
  • Billy Paul known as Mr. Morton
  • Denis Pimm known as Rodney Preston
  • Brian Shoop known as Cliff Edwards
  • Joseph Shoop known as Jack Edwards
  • Bill Thomas known as Terrell
  • Wanda Thomas known as Mrs. Harris
  • Peter Zhmutski known as Lee

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Production Companies:

  • Treasure Blind


  • Cloud Ten Pictures (2008) (USA) (DVD)
  • Con Dios Entertainment (2010) (Australia) (all media)
  • Con Dios Entertainment (2010) (New Zealand) (all media)
  • Cloud Ten Pictures (2008) (worldwide) (all media)
  • Koch Entertainment (2009) (USA) (DVD)
  • Treasure Blind (2007) (USA) (DVD)

..{tab=Other Stuff}Release Date:

  • USA 24 April 2008 (Barebones International Film Festival)
  • USA 10 February 2009 (DVD premiere)


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