Travellers (2011)

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  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 13 January 2011 (UK)
  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Director: Kris McManus
  • Stars: Shane Sweeney, Tom Geoffrey and Alex Edwards
  • Original Music By: Adam Langston  Dicken Marshall  Jim Mortimer   

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Kris McManus 

Known Trivia

  • Began shooting in October 2008 with only a £3000 budget which was upped to £5000 total shoot budget by the end of filming 4 weeks later. The total budget to get it to market was 4 times its shoot budget.
  • The script’s first draft was penned in 2004 when director Kris McManus first met Chris Manns (Big Man Barrett) who had been in Travelling circles for sometime. The two thought a Traveller movie could be worth a watch, but naively conceived as a horror with the Travellers playing straight villains. The re-write which happened 2 weeks prior to the shoot decided to challenge that stereotypical view and question who the villains of the piece really are.
  • The Bar-knuckle boxing sequence did not exist in the script until a week into shooting when director Kris McManus suggested it after the film-makers were told the Barn they had been lent as a production base had hosted Traveller brawls in the past. McManus choreographed the fight with it 2 pugilists Shane Sweeney (Chris) and Dean Jagger (Martin) in one afternoon then shot the scene the same evening over six hours. Extras were called in with virtually zero notice and as a result many of the fight crowd are the same actors from the opening pub scene. In fact Tom Geoffrey (Andy Baxtor) and Alex Edwards (Dan Marsden) are also in the crowd disguised in hoods to make up the numbers.
  • Several of the actors / extras are or have real life connections to travellers and former bare-knuckle fighter and rules man Joe Bowers (a Romany Traveller) acted as advisor on the film. His wealth of knowledge on the subject of bare-knuckle fighting led to Joe being cast as the fights ‘Rules Man’ in the penultimate battle between Martin and Chris.
  • Charley Boorman’s cameo was not ‘Deliverance’ inspired as most reviews suggest but down to the requirement of having a known actor in the film and one that brought a comic irony to a character who was a grumpy, biker-hating anti-adventurer – things Charley can’t be accused off.
  • The script was dug out of the cupboard when Finance fell through on a larger concept fight movie ‘Break’. Producers Ben Richards (also plays Jon) and Kris McManus decided to go it alone and see how far they could take a movie to release. Funding the movie themselves with the help of some friends. Learning on the Job Both Richards and McManus had come from low to no budget music and promo video production.
  • Shot on a HVX200 HD video camera with a fixed lens, long zooms were used to force low depth of field. The Edit and Visual effects such as the stabbing, shooting and punch extensions were done on consumer equipment for no cost by the director.
  • With the exception of several occasional Runners and Grips, the bulk of the movie was crewed by the Director (Camera Op), Sound Man James Privett (Who also played Ain’e) and then the assistance of the lead actors who weren’t filming that day, Celia Muir (Lucy), Shane Sweeney (Chris) and Tom Geoffrey (Andy).
  • Producer – Delacheroy Films – Brian Levine stepped in after viewing a rough cut trailer at the Cannes Film Festival and took the film through to completion and ultimately sale.

Plot: Four friends set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their age and urban lifestyles… See more » |  »

Story: Four friends set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their age and urban lifestyles. After bartering with a local land owner for a place to set up camp, they spend the night reminiscing over their wasted youth. The following morning they spot an ominous looking caravan, and decide to investigate. Within minutes, an idiotic prank leads to a series of brutal events and a deadly race for survival. A modern plunge back into the worlds created by movies such as 'Deliverance' and 'Southern Comfort' but with a gritty British twang. Kidnap, murder and a hidden past are just some of the reasons these four adventurers should have stayed at home. An action thriller that will make you question who the villains really are. You cant outrun what's in your blood.Written by Kris McManus and Brian Allen Levine  

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Produced By:

  • Alex Edwards known as executive producer
  • Brian Allen Levine known as producer
  • Kris McManus known as producer
  • Ben Richards known as producer
  • Jonathan Vanderkar known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Shane Sweeney known as Chris Hughes
  • Tom Geoffrey known as Andy Baxtor
  • Alex Edwards known as Dan Marsden
  • Celia Muir known as Lucy
  • Dean S. Jagger known as Martin
  • Charley Boorman known as Brian Seaborn
  • Chris Manns known as Big Man
  • Ben Richards known as Jon Woodard
  • James Privett known as Aine
  • Kristoffer Robert known as Fay
  • Gavin Ryan known as Paint Ball Marshall
  • Dave MacRae known as Roof Top Fighter
  • Ben Freeman known as Shitty Ben
  • Josh Gunner known as Paintball Idiot
  • Sarah Haskett known as The Wife
  • Sydnee Howard known as Barmaid
  • Rebecca Jameson known as Cloey
  • Addam King known as Shane
  • Krissy Moss known as Fight Punter 1
  • Ben Richards known as Jon Woodard
  • Rachel Sherwood known as Fight Punter 2
  • Paris Benjamin known as Dan Marsden's one night stand (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Steve Byrne known as makeup artist


Production Companies:

  • Delacheroy Films
  • Travellers Film
  • Inroad Pictures
  • Animus Pictures

Other Companies:

  • 9 Yard Audio  sound post-production


  • High Fliers Distribution (2011) (UK) (all media)
  • MIG Film (2011) (Germany) (DVD)

..{tab=Other Stuff}Release Date:

  • UK 13 January 2011
  • Germany 18 February 2011
  • UK 28 February 2011 (DVD premiere)
  • Germany March 2011 (DVD premiere)


Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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