The Broken (2008)

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  • Rate: 5.5/10 total 5,351 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Fantasy | Horror | Thriller
  • Release Date: 15 November 2008 (Japan)
  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Filming Location: Bayswater, London, England, UK
  • Budget: £4,000,000(estimated)
  • Director: Sean Ellis
  • Stars: Lena Headey, Ulrich Thomsen and Melvil Poupaud
  • Original Music By: Guy Farley   
  • Soundtrack: Are You Drunk Enough?
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Radiologist | Broken Mirror | Car Crash | Mystery Woman | Nightmare

Writing Credits By:

  • Sean Ellis (written by)

Known Trivia

  • The inventive spelling of the title reads somewhat silly in Norwegian and Danish since the Ø in broken is a letter in the alphabet in these languages and sounds like the “u” in “burden”. In addition “brøken” is the Norwegian and Danish word meaning “the fraction”.

Goofs: Revealing mistakes: In the original scene of the accident she is shown to continuously stare at the car's mirror without tilting her head. In the last scene (where she remembers who she really is) it is visible that she tilts her head to see the blood on the right temple. Besides the fact that it's a mistake, it's misleading.

Plot: In London, the radiologist Gina McVey organizes a surprise birthday party to her father John McVey with her boyfriend Stefan Chambers… See more »  »

Story: In London, the radiologist Gina McVey organizes a surprise birthday party to her father John McVey with her boyfriend Stefan Chambers, her brother Daniel McVey and his girlfriend Kate Coleman. On the next day, she sees herself driving a car on the street and she follows the woman to her apartment, where she finds a picture of her father and her. While driving back, she has a car crash and loses parts of her memory; further, she believes Stefan is another man. Gina decides to investigate what is happening and unravels a dark reality.Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  


Synopsis: Gina McVey (Lena Headly) is a radiologist living in London, England who is enjoying dinner one evening with her family and her boyfriend, Stefan, when a mirror shatters for no apparent reason. After a few moments, no one thinks much of it.

The next day Gina is leaving work and she sees something even more troubling — a woman who looks just like her, driving a car identical to her own. Curious, Gina sneaks into the doppelganger’s apartment and sees a photo of herself and her father in the hallway. Seriously rattled, Gina runs out and drives away, only to get in an accident that lands her in the hospital.

After she’s released, Gina asks Stefan if she can stay with him, but while he looks the same, his personality and behavior are quite different from the way she remembers him, and she begins having vivid nightmares which become all the more terrifying when the same horrific images begin popping up in her waking hours. Determined to solve her bizarre dilemma, and realizing her family has been exposed to unspeakable danger, Gina fluctuates between grim resolve and manic despair as her odd mystery begins to unfold once she begins to retrace her steps.

Gina soon discovers that doppelganger entities have escaped from a mirror broken earlier in the movie and are doppelgangers of her friends and family, killing them and taking their places. She tracks down her own double and finds her dead. Gina then remembers that SHE is the mirror double and killed her other in the first scene when they met, only to forget it after getting into a car accident which caused her mild brain damage. After one minute, Gina doppelganger remembers her true self and comes to terms with it, then her mirror father shows up outside her house. She signals that it is her.

The next day, Gina goes to work as usual as London is being taken over person by person. At work she runs into her brother (not yet a doppleganger clone), who takes a long look at her and then runs away. Gina does not chase after him knowing it will only be a matter of time before his own doppelganger will kill and replace him too.

{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Lene Bausager known as producer
  • Yves Chevalier known as associate producer
  • Franck Chorot known as executive producer
  • Marshall Leviten known as line producer
  • Winnie Li known as associate producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Lena Headey known as Gina McVey
  • Ulrich Thomsen known as Dr. Robert Zachman
  • Melvil Poupaud known as Stefan Chambers
  • Michelle Duncan known as Kate Coleman
  • Asier Newman known as Daniel McVey
  • Richard Jenkins known as John McVey
  • Daren Elliott Holmes known as Simon the Garage Manager
  • Howard Ward known as Jim
  • Damian O'Hare known as Anthony
  • Dennis Banks known as Doorman
  • In-Sook Chappell known as Crash Nurse
  • Peta Longstaff known as A&E Team
  • Ziad Alyan known as A&E Team
  • Lucy Bingham known as A&E Team
  • Marie Flood known as A&E Team
  • Jessica Stratton known as A&E Team
  • William Armstrong known as Dr. Kenric
  • Kubrick Ellis known as Ginger the Dog (as Kubrick)
  • Andrew Havill known as Dr. Myers
  • Lobo Chan known as Harry Lee
  • Ronnie Fox known as Breakers Yard Man
  • Tara Hugo known as Mary
  • Stan Ellis known as Stan the Janitor
  • Rita Davies known as Old Lady in Underground
  • Natasha Alderslade known as Secretary (uncredited)
  • Tom Collier known as Taxi Driver (uncredited)
  • Elle Crocker known as Michelle Duncan's body double (uncredited)
  • Chris Wilson known as Nervous Passenger (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Darren Evans known as hair designer
  • Darren Evans known as makeup designer

Art Department:

  • Peter Fentem known as property master
  • Adam A. Makin known as set constructor
  • Steven Morris known as dressing props
  • Dave Reed known as construction manager
  • Toby Riches known as stand-by props
  • Scott Rogers known as props
  • Chris Ulusele known as lead stand-by props
  • Oli van der Vijver known as props
  • Graham Ward known as stand-by art director


Production Companies:

  • Gaumont (presents)
  • Left Turn Films
  • Gaumont International
  • Thriller
  • Ugly Duckling Films

Other Companies:

  • Buzz Factory, The  promotions
  • Helicopter Film Services  aerial filming services provided by
  • Movie Lot, The  security
  • Panavision UK  aerial camera – Panavision Genesis
  • Panavision UK  camera equipment provided by
  • Production Copier Company  production equipment and services


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  • Zon Lusomundo Audiovisuais (2010) (Portugal) (all media)

..{tab=Other Stuff}

Special Effects:

  • Elements Special Effects
  • Lip Sync Post (visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Tom Collier known as visual effects supervisor
  • Stefan Drury known as head of film effects: Lipsync Post
  • Lorea Hoye known as visual effects producer
  • Carine Poussou known as visual effects coordinator
  • Abigail Scollay known as digital compositor
  • Bruno Sommier known as visual effects shooting supervisor
  • Paul Venn Stirling known as digital compositor: LipSync Post
  • Samantha Tracey known as visual effects coordinator
  • Aurélie Villard known as digital artist
  • Sheila Wickens known as digital compositor
  • Blake Winder known as digital compositor: LipSync Post

Release Date:

  • USA 18 January 2008 (Sundance Film Festival)
  • France 25 January 2008 (Gérardmer Film Festival)
  • Germany 10 February 2008 (European Film Market)
  • Belgium 2 April 2008 (Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Films)
  • UK 24 August 2008 (Frightfest)
  • Spain 8 October 2008 (Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival)
  • Japan 15 November 2008
  • France 26 November 2008
  • USA 9 January 2009 (After Dark Horrorfest)
  • Belgium 14 January 2009
  • Egypt 28 January 2009
  • Ireland 30 January 2009
  • UK 30 January 2009
  • Spain 27 February 2009
  • USA 31 March 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Sweden 22 April 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Greece 21 May 2009
  • Georgia 28 May 2009
  • Netherlands 16 June 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Germany 26 June 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • United Arab Emirates 23 July 2009
  • Finland 5 August 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Finland 24 August 2009 (Espoo Film Festival)
  • Argentina 28 September 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Kazakhstan 10 December 2009
  • Russia 10 December 2009
  • Portugal 14 January 2010
  • Poland 26 February 2010
  • Australia 10 March 2010 (Blu-ray premiere)
  • Hungary 20 October 2010 (DVD premiere)

MPAA: Rated R for some violence, brief sexuality/nudity and language


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