Seconds (2008)

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  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 26 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Filming Location: Woodinville, Washington, USA
  • Budget: $14,000(estimated)
  • Director: Staci Bernstein
  • Stars: Natasha Sims, Morgan Elizabeth and Debra Pralle
  • Plot Keyword: Self Injury | Depression | Cutting | Friendship | Survival

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Julie Ruffell  written by

Known Trivia

  • Adrienne Wilkinson was originally asked to play the lead role of Laura. When her schedule wouldn’t allow her to play the role, she came on board as a producer instead. She chose to produce the picture because she feels the film has strong social value and needed to be told in terms of understanding and helping people recover from the epidemic of self injury.
  • Lead character Laura is played by several actors representing the various ages of the character and stages of her life.
  • Story was inspired by true events.
  • The producers hope this film brings understanding and compassion to this disorder. As well as education and inspiration to overcome this compulsion.
  • This is the first developed screen play by Julie Ruffell.
  • Principal shooting on “Seconds” was completed in 12 days, with minimal pick-ups done. Nearly all of the indoor sets were located in one house (including most of the Laura/Heidi apartment as well as Janice’s house).

Plot: A young woman's journey through grief and her powerful struggle with and eventual success in overcoming self injury and depression.  »

Story: A young woman's journey through grief and her powerful struggle with and eventual success in overcoming self injury and depression.


Synopsis: After the death of her best friend, Heidi, Laura Blake falls back into old patterns that she had recovered from when Heidi was in her life.

Suffering from heavy depression, and battling this state of mind with self injury, Laura manages to remain functioning. She is able to do what she needs to do to survive, but she has no desire or will to live.

Lost without Heidi, and trapped within herself, Laura is haunted by memories of her childhood. Remembering the death of her father, Jacob, and the physical and emotional abuse she suffered from her mother and classmates, Laura shuts down more each day.

Nearly a year after Heidi’s death, Laura begins to receive phone calls from her aunt, Susan, demanding that Laura contact her. Having moved out of her mother’s at the age of 18, with limited contact with her family, Laura ignores Susan’s demands, but the continued messages on her answering machine causes Laura to be further consumed by her memories and she falls deeper into despair.

As the one year anniversary of Heidi’s death approaches, Susan again contacts Laura, frustrated with her lack of response and informs her that her mother, Janice, is horribly ill and doesn’t have long to live.

Raised that a family has to meet certain obligations, Laura is unable to ignore the summons any longer and returns to her childhood home to face her mother. The encounter is strained with old pains standing between them, when Laura sees that Janice holds a picture of Jacob in her hands. For the first time in her life, Laura is able to see Janice as a person, as a woman completely lost in grief over the death of her husband the same grief Laura feels for the loss of her father and the loss of her friend. With this revelation, Laura is able to give Janice the forgiveness she needs to pass on, but it leaves Laura feeling angry and lost.

Laura returns home, and breaks into a rage. She shatters the wine bottle she took from Janice’s, and begins to breakdown. Sobbing and screaming, she beats her hand on the floor until she gets a shard of glass in her hand. Startled by the pain, she remembers her source for dealing with her anguish and races to the bathroom. Laura begins to cut herself, trying to stop the flood of emotions, but they are in control now, and her memories surge forward. Her cutting gets more extreme until she finally passes out in the bathtub, with memories of Heidi comforting her into the blackness.

When Laura awakens, she decides that she cannot continue with life and makes the choice to kill herself. She takes care of her wounds, dresses in Heidi’s clothes and creates a place of comfort in her bedroom. Surrounding herself with candles, incense, and items of Heidi’s and Jacob’s, Laura re-reads "The Chronicles of Narnia". When she finishes the final page of "The Last Battle", Laura brings her razor to her wrist, ready to end her life. Before she can do so, she decides to put the book away, as the room must be in order for this ending. As she sets the book back among the others, she caresses "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" which reminds her of happier times. She reaches down to her stomach and touches her first self injury scars that spell "DIE", and in that moment of remembering all the good and bad things in her life, she comes to realize that all her pain is caused by events that have passed. As she has this thought, she is finally able to release the past, and chooses to live.

Laura visits the grave of Heidi the next morning to share her epiphany with her friend. Kissing the headstone, Laura moves away, taking her first independent steps towards recovery and living her life.

{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Staci Bernstein known as co-producer
  • H. Rochelle Crystal known as line producer
  • Mike Crystal known as executive producer
  • James Dailey known as associate producer
  • Brandon Ryan known as executive producer
  • Jonathan Michael Tanner known as associate producer
  • Adrienne Wilkinson known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Natasha Sims known as Laura
  • Morgan Elizabeth known as Heidi
  • Debra Pralle known as Janice
  • Brian Ibsen known as Jacob
  • Victoria Drake known as Susan
  • Laurel Minter known as Astrid
  • Don Taylor known as Mr. McLennan
  • Buddy Bourne known as Buddy
  • Maximillian Davis known as A.J.
  • Laurie Slater known as Victoria
  • Gabby Brooks known as Bus Stop Girl
  • Sarah MacAaron known as Christine
  • Eva Spokoiny known as Young Laura
  • Olivia Spokoiny known as Teen Laura

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Shawn R. Shelton known as special makeup effects artist (as Shawn Shelton)

Art Department:

  • Trish Ellis known as pencil artist
  • Jenn Koster known as assistant art director
  • Jenna Tomlin known as paint artist


Production Companies:

  • Hero Labs
  • Roach's Realm Productions

..{tab=Other Stuff}Release Date:

  • USA 11 April 2008 (Alice's 3-Minute Independent Film Festival)
  • USA 11 July 2008 (Seattle, Washington)


Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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