Rock On!! (2008)

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  • Rate: 7.7/10 total 4,621 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | Music
  • Release Date: 29 August 2008 (USA)
  • Runtime: India:145 min
  • Filming Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Director: Abhishek Kapoor
  • Stars: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal and Luke Kenny
  • Original Music By: Shankar Mahadevan  (as Shankar Ehsaan Loy) Loy Mendonsa  (as Shankar Ehsaan Loy) Ehsaan Noorani  (as Shankar Ehsaan Loy) 
  • Soundtrack: Sindbad The Sailor
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Band | Rock Band | Bitterness | Bittersweet | Audio Cassette

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Farhan Akhtar  dialogue
  • Pubali Chaudhuri  screenplay
  • Abhishek Kapoor  story

Known Trivia

  • To give the film and its characters authenticity, the actors underwent personalized training for their portrayal of the band members. Purab Kohli trained with Lindsay D’Mello on drums, Arjun Rampal trained with Chandresh from the band ‘Dream out Loud’, Luke Kenny worked with Loy and Farhan trained with Shankar for vocals and Ehsaan for rhythm guitar.
  • Jason West, the DOP of the film is a drummer himself. So during lunch breaks the band would have jam sessions with the DOP on the drums.
  • In the scene where MAGIK meets the recording company’s owner, among many picture frames adorning the table, one picture shows the owner with Mr. Javed Akhtar. Mr. Javed is the lyricist of this movie and father of Farhan Akhtar.
  • Joe uses an Ibanez Jem Steve Vai series electric guitar.
  • Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani promised Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor, the director of the film) of Rs. 11 hundred thousand as his remuneration as director for Rock On!! but after the success of the film, they decided to hike the amount. Though the producers knew that the film had shaped up well, they didn’t expect it to be a hit in the first weekend itself, so they decided to gift the director a Rs. 25 hundred thousand cheque.
  • ‘Musafir’, a song from a newly formed band RADIO was featured in the film, but was not part of the album. It was performed in the concert shown towards the end of the movie by one of the participating bands.
  • In order to promote the film, a series of live concerts took place in Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. The concerts primarily had Farhan Akhtar performing along with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (the music composer trio of the film). The rest of the cast also made appearances.
  • The “Rock On!!” Band (MAGIK Band) members appeared on the cover of the September 2008 issue of the Rolling Stone (India edition).
  • The lead vocalist Aditya’s birthday in the movie is repeatedly highlighted as July 22. This referred to the real birthday of Don Henley, the lead vocalist of the Eagles. The lead guitarist’s name is Joseph Mascarenhas, nick-named Joe which is the same as one of the lead guitarists of the Eagles, Joe Walsh.
  • In an incident in the movie where the reunited Magik band-members meet their former rival Ajay from Chakravyuh, Ajay tells them that he heard they had broken up. In response to this, KD says “Guess you were wrong. Hum ek break par the (we were on a break), now we are back”, which was influenced by the famous dialogue from the Eagles’ member Glenn Frey during their Hell Freezes Over album, “For the record we never broke up, we just had a 14 year vacation”.

Plot: Four friends reunite to relive their moments of glory as a rock band. Full summary »  »

Story: Sakshi Shroff, the lonely and neglected wife of busy banking executive, Aditya, decides to give him a surprise on his birthday on July 22nd, but ends surprising him not once but multiple times. While Aditya is thrilled to know that both are going to be parents, and did appear surprised by the celebration, bitterness creeps in when he notices that Sakshi had also invited some ghosts (Rob Nancy and Kedar Zaveri) from his past. This gives rise to unpleasant memories involving a failed music group 'Magik' that he had associated with about a decade ago. Sakshi will soon find out why Aditya is displeased with her; why the music group broke up, ending in violence and acrimony especially between her husband and his former friend, Joseph Mascarenhas; why they cannot perform together ever again; as well as contemplate moving out and living with her mom.Written by rAjOo (  


Synopsis: In 1998, rock music had a shot in the arm with the emergence of Grunge. The voice of teenage angst found an audience across the globe and rock music seemed like it was on the threshold of becoming the leader in mainstream music.

Magik was one such band that wished to ride this wave.

Aditya Shroff, a bohemian wild boy from Delhi who left the comforts of his parents home to chase his dream of becoming a singer in a rock band. He is the lead singer of Magik

Joe Masceranous, an Idealist. He hails from a family of failed musicians and hence feels the pressure of not succumbing to the legacy. A man of few words and lets his guitar do the talking. He is the lead guitarist of the band.

Kedar Zaveri, prefers to be known as KD Killer Drummer, On stage it may look like he is slamming those drums with a vengeance but actually, hes only just breathing.He is the heart of magik

Rob Nancy, the laid back quiet fence sitter of the band.. Just to experience the moment of his creation was to be in the presence of something truly ethereal.

This story about the 4 young friends who put together the greatest band this country had ever seen but never made it.

Years later fate conspires to bring them together again and sets them on a journey back to where they left off. A soul searching pilgrimage into their past.

Just like an old Indian saying, if one dies without fulfilling a cherished dream he will be re born to have another shot at it.

The 4 of them came from different walks of life but when they jammed together they were One.

If Aditya was the mind then Joe was the will, Kd the heart and Rob the soul

Together they were Pure Magik

{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Farhan Akhtar known as producer
  • Miriam Joseph known as executive producer
  • Ritesh Sidhwani known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Farhan Akhtar known as Aditya 'Adi' Shroff
  • Arjun Rampal known as Joseph 'Joe' Mascarenhas
  • Luke Kenny known as Rob Nancy
  • Purab Kohli known as Kedar 'KD' 'Killer Drummer' Zaveri
  • Prachi Desai known as Sakshi
  • Shahana Goswami known as Debbie
  • Koel Purie known as Devika
  • Nicolette Bird known as Tanya
  • Sai Gundewar known as Bartender
  • Suraj Jagan known as Ajay
  • Reema Kagti
  • Himanshu Powdwal known as Music Video Director
  • Céline Rodriguez known as Mrs. Mascarenhas
  • Dalip Tahil known as Bajaj
  • Anu Malik known as Music Producer (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Anwar Khan known as makeup artist
  • Shabana Latif known as key makeup artist


Production Companies:

  • Big Pictures
  • Excel Entertainment

Other Companies:

  • Lights & Grips Equipment Hirers India  grip and lighting equipment
  • Pixion  digital intermediate facility


  • Reliance Big Pictures (2008) (worldwide) (all media)

..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

  • Devrishi Chatterjee known as digital compositor
  • Ritu Chaurasia known as digital compositor
  • Sarang Deshpande known as lead digital compositor
  • Chetan Gaur known as digital compositor
  • Avinash Gupta known as digital compositor
  • Ilamuruguselvan known as digital compositor
  • Pankaj Kalbende known as digital compositor
  • Rahul Kallankandy known as opening title animation/compositing
  • Kishor Kanchan known as scanning artist
  • Anup Kumar known as digital compositor
  • Kumaran known as digital compositor
  • Arun Mendon known as digital compositor
  • Sanjiv Naik known as digital compositor
  • Ranen Nongmaithem known as compositor
  • Saurabh Pandey known as digital compositor
  • Uppu Pavanrajesh known as digital compositor
  • Ashvini R. Prabhu known as digital compositor
  • Kirit Rathod known as digital intermediate conformist
  • Ranadheer Reddy known as compositing supervisor
  • Neil Sadwelkar known as film DI head
  • Chandrakant Shenoy known as digital matte painter
  • Naveen Shukla known as digital compositor
  • Gaurvendra Singh known as digital compositor
  • Sanjot Sonalkar known as creative director
  • Balakrishna P. Subaiah known as digital compositor
  • Prasad Sutar known as visual effects supervisor
  • Ashok Uchil known as digital compositor

Release Date:

  • India 29 August 2008
  • UK 29 August 2008
  • USA 29 August 2008
  • Kuwait 9 October 2008
  • Singapore 4 December 2008 (Asian First Film Festival)
  • Germany 17 July 2009 (Stuttgart Bollywood and Beyond Filmfestival)


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