White Men Cant Dance (2012)

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  • Genre: Drama | Family
  • Release Date: 12 January 2012 (USA)
  • Filming Location: USA
  • Director: Pete Vinal
  • Stars: Pete Vinal, Elizabeth Roberts and Kaitlin Cox
  • Plot Keyword: Apostrophe In Title | Loss Of Loved One | Produced By Director | Directed By An Actor | Punctuation In Title

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  • Pete Vinal 

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    Plot: Pete Weaver has lost his job and his father, and now his daughter needs expensive medical treatment… See more »  »

    Story: Pete Weaver has lost his job and his father, and now his daughter needs expensive medical treatment. With training assistance from his old break-dancing buddies, he sets his sights on winning a competition that promises enough winnings to save his daughter's life.Written by Jeff Clayton (III)  


    Synopsis: White Men Cant Dance


    This film White Men Cant Dance is a family oriented story based on hope, inspiration, dancing, morals, dignity and ultimately God is brought into this film. A large part of this film is based on a true story. This film White Men Cant Dance is about a very close family that go through some very tough and emotional struggles. The story takes place in a little home with the husband, wife and precious little girl, which the father Pete works at a development company. His office is very comical, but yet, they all work together as a family. Pete is very close with his parents, but only has a mental relationship with his father. His dad is an inventor, a genius that everyone calls, Einstein 2. One day at the office Pete gets a call from the hospital, his dad is on the way to the hospital and his mother will meet him there. Immediately, Pete leaves the office right in the middle of a very significant investor meeting, which is crucial to the companys existence., But Pete needs to be at his dads side, torn, he leaves the meeting regardless of the reluctance of his boss. At the hospital his father dies in Petes arms waiting for a surgeon that never comes. (based on a true story)This devastates Pete and his family.Almost in a zombie state, the next day Pete goes to work at his job, trying to keep his mind busy and food on the tableAfter his dads funeral Pete finds out that his precious little girl is dieing. She has to go on a waiting list, do to the lack of kidneys, not to mention the expense. After insurance, what little they have, Pete has to come up with $50,000 more to pay the hospital. They dont know what to do, after his dads death they were strapped, his dad had no life insurance of any kind. After a few days Pete is back to work, the guys in the office try to talk Pete into going out to a club just to change the scenery, make him forget for a few hours, with his wifes blessings, they take him out.They get to this club Rox and there we see this black guy dancing, Ice Man he is an incredible break dancer. The guys are freaking out over his abilities, but Pete wasnt impressed. Pete got up to go to the mens room and does a little move, Ice Man came up to Pete and said that he remembered him. He said he remembered how good he used to be, but now he is too old and fat, a pushing match started. During this shoving match Pete sees a banister saying, Dance Competition $40,000 first place. He tells Ice Man that he will see him at the competition. The guys break up the shoving match and are wondering what that was all about. After being escorted out by the bouncers, they take Pete home, wondering if they did the right thing taking him out. Pete thanks them, and tells them that this was the best thing that could ever of happened, it must have been Gods plan.At home Pete finds some of his old dance tapes of him and his partners, inspired, he calls his old dance buddies to ask them if they could help him get in shape one last time for the competition of his life? Of course to save his daughters life.They agree and the intense working out starts, (like when Sylvestor Stellone did in his movie when he went to Russia to work shop, preparing for the fight of his life) so Pete is now struggling to get back into shape. He would slip out at night to go work out with his dance partners. His wife was starting to wonder if he was having an affair. As a result, she gets her best friend involved as a scout for her to find out what is going on. Next day Pete walks into work finding out that he is fired. A fellow worker steals his invention saying pete was stealing it from him. So Pete is fired.Now, it is the night of the competition, Pete goes to his daughters room and kisses her on the forehead after tucking her in, praying to God, very emotional scene. He goes up stairs to the attic and opens an old door where his old dance shoes are hanging, all dusty. He pulls them out, brushes them off and goes out the door to the competition. Meantime, his wife freaking out, calls her best friend and says ok follow him now, on that pre-planned, non trust investigation. She follows him to the competition. At the competition all these dancers are stretching sizing up one another, trying to psyche each other out. We see the judges, two of the four judges are Ice Mans dance buddies, so we know which way this competition is going. The dance competition starts, after 30 minutes it is down to two competitors, Ice Man and Pete. They go back and forth, the crowd is slowly changing from their Iceman and start screaming for Pete. Then, in nervous retaliation, Icemans two dance partners come out on the dance floor and join in dancing.So, Petes dance partners, moon walk and slide out on the dance floor with him to make things even. But one of Petes dancers gives the DJ his own CD on the way out there. The DJ immediately puts it on.They all are going at it, it is incredible, very physical and intense, then the last move. Pete runs up Ice Mans back, doing a double flip down to a split on the floor waving out his arms to a stop. The crowd goes nuts. After a nervous and very quite five minutes, you could cut the air with a knife. The judges announce the winner, it is

    You will see it at the movie.

    The EndSee Trailer at www.whitemencantdance.com

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    Produced By:

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Pete Vinal known as Pete Weaver
    • Elizabeth Roberts known as Sheila Weaver
    • Kaitlin Cox known as 'Beanie' Weaver
    • Tye Banks known as Night Club Patron
    • Reggie Brown known as Dance Buddy 2
    • Madison Bunting known as Guitar
    • Jeff Clayton known as Club Aficionado
    • Robert Covington known as Dance Buddy 1
    • Stacia Crawford known as Linda
    • Luis Dalmasy Jr. known as Iceman
    • M.C. Erny known as Investor 1
    • Pete Everette known as Bass
    • Brandon Hardin known as Emcee
    • Sandra Harris known as TV News Caster
    • Kristi Hatsell known as Waitress (as Braeden Avery)
    • Michele Housand known as Sandra
    • Aisha Irving known as Secretary
    • Justin Johnson known as Guitar
    • Tyhm Kennedy known as Fitz
    • Jeff Kletcher known as Drums
    • Kevin Kolb known as Keyboard
    • Charlie Lucas known as Gramps
    • Robert Lucas known as Investor 2
    • Melissa Lukon known as Parking Lot Girl
    • Jessica Madison known as Girlfriend
    • Joyce Marling known as Nurse
    • Sarah Mather known as Cindy B. / Singer
    • Devin McGee known as Co-Worker
    • Brad McWaters known as Ambulance Driver
    • Cari Moskow known as Waitress 2
    • Sarah Nilsen known as Babysitter
    • Sebastian O'Malley known as Bar Guy (as Jason O'Malley)
    • Richard K. Olsen known as Al Weaver
    • Maxwell Paige known as Harvey
    • Jody Quaranta known as Della
    • Marquand Ragland known as Club Patron
    • David Richani known as Charlie
    • Alexis Roberts known as Caller from Children's Miracle Network
    • Peaches Rodriguez known as Peach / Page
    • Dorothy Sandlin known as Joan
    • Dominic L. Santana known as Security Guard 2 (as Dominic Santana)
    • Joan Shay known as Doctor
    • Joanie Shay known as Doctor
    • Joseph Quinn Simpkins known as Doctor
    • Kristina Sipes known as Door Girl
    • David Smith known as Jack, The Janitor
    • Malia Spear known as Girl on Bike
    • Bre'Wan Waddell known as Kid
    • Michael Waggot known as DJ
    • Harold Weikert known as Willy
    • Marc Whitehead known as Whitey

    ..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

    • Don A. King known as hair stylist
    • Joanie Shay known as hair stylist
    • Joanie Shay known as makeup artist
    • Susan Stox known as additional special effects makeup

    Art Department:

    • Joyce Marling known as sets and props


    Production Companies:

    • Mystical Gold

    Other Companies:

    • DV3 Productions  camera
    • DV3 Productions  lighting
    • DV3 Productions  sound


    • Carmike Theaters (2006) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Panorama Entertainment (2010) (USA) (all media)

    ..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

    • Amariah Olson known as visual effects supervisor

    Release Date:

    • USA 12 January 2012

    MPAA: Rated PG for some language and mild thematic elements


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