The Brave One (1956)

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  • Rate: 6.8/10 total 357 votes
  • Genre: Drama | Family
  • Release Date: 22 January 1957 (Portugal)
  • Runtime: USA:100 min
  • Filming Location: Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
  • Director: Irving Rapper
  • Stars: Michel Ray, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr., Elsa Cárdenas | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Victor Young
  • Soundtrack: Andalucia
  • Sound Mix: Mono (35 mm optical prints) | 4-Track Stereo (RCA Sound Recording) (35 mm magnetic prints)
  • Plot Keyword: Boy | Bull | Mexico | Mexican | City

Writing Credits By:

  • Dalton Trumbo (story) (front Robert Rich)
  • Harry S. Franklin (screenplay) and
  • Merrill G. White (screenplay)
  • Robert Rich (front for Dalton Trumbo)
  • Dalton Trumbo  screenplay (originally uncredited)

Known Trivia

  • After “The Brave One’ won the Oscar for Best Screenplay, independent producer Edward Nassour sued its producers the King Brothers over plagiarism. It seems the script for “The Brave One’ bore an uncanny resemblance to that for “Ring Around Saturn,” a stop-motion animation feature Nassour had been working on with a script written by Paul Rader. The rights were originally owned by Jesse L. Lasky, who had wanted to produce it as “Valley of the Mist.” The King Brothers settled the dispute by paying out to Nassour the sum of $750,000 in an out-of-court settlement. It turned out that blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter Dalton Trumbo had written the script for “The Brave One” using the pseudonym of Robert Rich. 2 of 2 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Goofs: Factual errors: In the history lesson, the teacher tells that the Emperor Maximilian (formerly the Archduke Maximilian of Austria) was the son of an Emperor and an Empress and had a brother who became Emperor. Although the latter is true (the Emperor Francis Joseph I), their parents were mere Archduke Francis and Archduchess Sophia of Austria (born Princess of Bavaria).

Plot: A young Mexican boy tirelessly tries to save his pet bull from death at the hands of a celebrated matador. Full summary »  »

Story: The Brave One is a bull named Gitano (or Gypsy). A Mexican boy Michael Ray “adopts” Gitano after saving the animal’s life during a storm. The friendship between bull and boy is threatened when Gitano’s legal owners claim the animal and ship it off to the bullring. Moved by the boy’s plight, the President of Mexico signs a “pardon” for Gitano – but not soon enough to prevent the bull’s appearance at the Plaze de Mexico at Mexico City, where he faces top matador Fermin Rivera. Based on a true incident, the film earned a “best story” Academy Award for one Robert Rich – who, much to the embarrassment of the Academy (and the delight of civil libertarians) turned out to be blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Written byalfiehitchie


Synopsis: Correction

The Brave One was my father’s story, it was not Dalton Trumbo’s story. Mr. Trumbo may have worked on the screen play, but it was not Mr. Trumbo’s story.

My father Juan Duval Bellavista Xicart (born in Barcelona, Spain April 30, 1897 and died April 1, 1954 in Los Angeles) and studied language and Spanish culture at the Monastery Montserrat. He was a renowned flamenco dancer, poet, composer, lyricist and writer and moved to Paris before WWI. He was conscripted into the French Army and fought at Verdun; and friend of the famous bull fighter Cayetano Ordonez . In 1934 to 1936 he toured Spain, Cuba and South America with composer Francisco Avellan and their musical drama, Sombras Gitanas or Gypsy Shadows, which was highly praised by Vicente Blasco Ibanes, Antonio Machado, Manuel de Fella and Antonio Triana. My father attempted to talk his good friend Federico Garcia Lorca out of reentering Spain in July 1936, just days before Lorca was murdered. A year later my father wrote an article and named Lorca’s murderer and the reason he was murdered.

Juan Duval wrote the story The Brave One while on his death bed and he died before the making of the film was completed. Maurice King and Frank King, AKA the King Brothers, who were the producers of the film, paid my fathers widow a small sum of money for the story.

When the film was released, Robert Rich was credited as the author of The Brave One. Robert Rich was a ne’er-do-well nephew of the King Bros.

Harry Franklin and Merrill G. White were credited as the screen writers of the film, one of which was a shill for Dalton Trumbo.

The Brave One was awarded the Oscar for Best Original Story, and not Best Screen Writer.

20 years after Mr. Trumbo was blacklisted, the Academy wanted to make nice and because the Oscar was never picked-up at the Oscar ceremony, it was convenient to give it to Mr. Trumbo shortly before his dealth.

I wish the Oscar for Best Original Story be given to it’s rightful owner, Juan Duval.

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Produced By:

  • Frank King known as producer
  • Maurice King known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Michel Ray known as Leonardo
  • Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. known as Rafael Rosillo
  • Elsa Cárdenas known as Maria
  • Carlos Navarro known as Don Alejandro
  • Joi Lansing known as Marion Randall
  • Fermín Rivera known as The Bullfighter
  • Jorge Treviño known as Salvador
  • Carlos Fernández known as Manuel
  • Eduardo Alcaraz known as Ticket seller (uncredited)
  • Rafael Alcayde known as Señor Vargas (uncredited)
  • Manuel de la Vega known as Police officer (uncredited)
  • Miguel Ángel Ferriz known as Father Valverde (uncredited)
  • Pascual García Peña known as Señor Palma (uncredited)
  • Beatriz Ramos known as Señorita Sanchez (uncredited)
  • Manuel Sánchez Navarro known as Luis (uncredited)
  • Manuel Vergara ‘Manver’ known as Man playing drum stadium (uncredited)

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Production Companies:

  • King Brothers Productions


  • RKO Radio Pictures (1956) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Universal Pictures (1957) (USA) (theatrical)
  • RKO Radio Pictures (1957) (West Germany) (theatrical)
  • RKO Radio Pictures Argentina (1958) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • United Home Video (1985) (USA) (VHS) (Clamshell case)
  • F.J. Lucas (Brazil) (VHS)
  • New Gold Entertainment (1982) (Italy) (TV)
  • VCI Entertainment (2010) (worldwide) (all media)

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