Steve Jobs (2015)

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  • Rate: 6.7/10 total 1,770 votes 
  • Genre: Biography | Drama
  • Release Date: 23 October 2015 (USA)
  • Runtime: 122 min
  • Filming Location: San Francisco, California, USA
  • Director: Danny Boyle
  • Stars: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Daniel Pemberton   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | SDDS | Datasat
  • Plot Keyword: Steve Jobs | Film Production | Entrepreneur | Operating System | Personal Computer

Writing Credits By:

  • Aaron Sorkin (screenplay)
  • Walter Isaacson (book "Steve Jobs")

Known Trivia

  • David Fincher was originally attached to direct, but was dropped from the film by Sony after his demands – a $10,000,000 salary and full creative control of the project – could not be met by the studio. Fincher wanted Christian Bale to play the lead role. After his departure, Danny Boyle signed on to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio was approached about the title role. Ultimately, however, DiCaprio passed on the project and Christian Bale was offered it instead. However, Bale also declined the role, feeling he was not right for the part after which Michael Fassbender entered to star in the film. 219 of 227 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was a consultant for the film. 112 of 115 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Aaron Sorkin has revealed that the film will consist of three, 30-minute scenes spreading across sixteen years of the life of Steve Jobs. All of the scenes will dramatize backstage events before three major product launches (the Macintosh in 1984, NeXT in 1988, and the iMac in 1998). These scenes will take place in real time at “two auditoriums, a restaurant and a garage,” with a few flashbacks depicting key moments of Jobs’ life inserted throughout the story. 86 of 88 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • According to reports, auditions did not use anything from Aaron Sorkin’s screenplay. Instead, actors read and act out scenes from The Newsroom (2012), a television series created by Sorkin. 84 of 86 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The three sequences in the film were filmed on 16mm, 35mm, and digital to illustrate the advancement in Apple’s technology across the 16 years of Jobs’ life. 38 of 38 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The third film based on Steve Jobs’ life after Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) and Jobs (2013) 35 of 36 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Leonardo DiCaprio was originally set to play the lead role but dropped out to do The Revenant (2015) instead. 63 of 69 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • In the film, the 1984 shareholder meeting and product launch was replicated at the original location, the Flint Center of De Anza Community College in Cupertino, California. 25 of 27 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The lead female role was also offered to Jessica Chastain. 44 of 50 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Seth Rogen met with Steve Wozniak extensively to understand him. Rogen also researched Wozniak’s keynotes and speeches online. Rogen cited watching an old eighties video on repeat, featuring Wozniak giving a tour of the Apple museum at their headquarters as part of his research. 8 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Plot: Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint a portrait of the man at its epicenter. Full summary » |  »

Story: His passion and ingenuity have been the driving force behind the digital age. However his drive to revolutionize technology was sacrificial. Ultimately it affected his family life and possibly his health. In this revealing film we explore the trials and triumphs of a modern day genius, the late CEO of Apple inc. Steven Paul Jobs. Written byAnonymous

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Produced By:

  • Bernard Bellew known as executive producer
  • Danny Boyle known as producer
  • Eli Bush known as executive producer
  • Guymon Casady known as producer
  • Christian Colson known as producer
  • Mark Gordon known as producer
  • Lauren Lohman known as associate producer
  • Scott Rudin known as producer
  • Jason Sack known as co-producer
  • Bryan Zuriff known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Michael Fassbender known as Steve Jobs
  • Kate Winslet known as Joanna Hoffman
  • Seth Rogen known as Steve Wozniak
  • Jeff Daniels known as John Sculley
  • Sarah Snook known as Andrea Cunningham
  • Katherine Waterston known as Chrisann Brennan
  • Michael Stuhlbarg known as Andy Hertzfeld
  • Perla Haney-Jardine known as Lisa Jobs (19 Years Old)
  • John Ortiz known as Joel Pforzheimer
  • Vanessa Ross known as Elizabeth Ramos
  • Makenzie Moss known as Lisa Jobs (5 Years Old)
  • Adam Shapiro known as Avie Tevanian
  • Jackie Dallas known as Flint Stage Manager
  • Alice Aoki known as VIP Shareholder
  • Phillip E. Walker known as Security Guard Gillis
  • Stephanie Johnston known as 1998 Launch Attendee
  • Ripley Sobo known as Lisa Jobs (Age 9)
  • Alisha Mullally known as Apple Employee
  • AnnaCorey known as Jordan IMAC marketing team
  • Natalie Stephany Aguilar known as Cafe Patron
  • Afsheen Olyaie known as Tim Caplan
  • Adam Reeser known as Phone Booth Guy 88'
  • Shannon Rebekah known as Channel 4 Interviewee VIP
  • Keenan Johnston known as Investor 1988 Launch
  • Nicholas Kretz known as 1988 Launch Attendee
  • Sandra Dee known as Launch Attendee
  • Jahmilla Jackson known as Launch Attendee
  • Anthony Snow known as Arthur Rock
  • Alex Zelenka known as Audience Member
  • Steven Wiig known as Bill Martin
  • Karen Kahn known as Stage Manager #2 – iMac
  • Carol Jefferson known as VIP Launch Attendee
  • Bryan Casserly known as Apple Employee
  • Tina Gilton known as Steve's Colleague (Cafe)
  • Heidi Michaelis known as 1988 Launch attendee
  • Jaden Alexander known as Steve's Colleague
  • Shruti Tewari known as Marketing Team 1998
  • Lena Avgust known as Steve's Stage Manager
  • Bill Seward known as News Anchor (voice)
  • Mahal Montoya known as 98 Engineer
  • Mihran Slougian known as John Jandali
  • Etienne Vick known as Porsche driver
  • Patrick D Bridges known as Marketing Team
  • David L. Schormann known as VIP Product Investor
  • Emily Marie Grant known as Patti Kenyon
  • Anastassia Tchibissova known as Product Engineer
  • Andy Arness known as Apple Board Member
  • Callan Taylor known as Lisa's Friend
  • Corinne Meadors known as Press Photographer
  • Rick Lasquete known as Field Reporter
  • Rachel Caproni known as Stage Manager
  • Stan Roth known as George Coates
  • Soma Mitra known as NeXT Engineer
  • Brook Edward Penca known as Launch Attendee
  • Michael T Stewart known as VIP Shareholder
  • Sheila Ellis known as Field Reporter
  • Ken Venzke known as Apple Employee
  • Damara Reilly known as Woman on PA ( iMac )
  • Robert S. Dixon known as Head NeXT Engineer
  • Hayley Gagner known as Pat Mcardle
  • Linda Joy Henry known as Businesswoman
  • Darlene Nesson known as VIP Investor
  • Scotty Wood known as Larry Tesler
  • Jake Morgan known as Lead Stage Hand
  • Laurel Steir known as Core Marketing Team
  • Rob Gore known as Event Security
  • Robert Anthony Peters known as Engineer w / Diskette
  • Bobby Ysip known as Burrell Smith
  • Apeksha Pradhan known as 1998 Launch Attendee
  • Fel Tengonciang known as Journalist, NeXT Launch
  • Dann Fink known as Tech Reporter (voice)
  • Alex Phillip known as Apple Gen-Xer
  • Molly Shaiken known as Product Engineer
  • Tom O'Reilly known as VIP Member
  • Speir Rahn known as Lynn Levine
  • John Lobato known as Stock Holder Member
  • Tom Hart known as VIP Launch Attendee
  • Cristina Swift known as Rony Sebok
  • Thomas Dalby known as VIP Launch Attendee
  • Cabran E. Chamberlain known as Ralph, the Janitor
  • Brian Sampson known as Brian Howard – Product Engineer
  • Diogo Hausen known as Stage Hand
  • $hutter Boy known as 1988 Opera House Patron
  • Steve D'Assis known as Cameraman Joseph
  • Rick Richardson known as News Interviewee VIP
  • Mike Stowe known as Event Security
  • Alex Bretow known as Flint Sound Engineer
  • Steve C. Porter known as Event Security
  • Chad Sibilia known as Stagehand Technician
  • Alan Chu known as Press photogtapher
  • Jason Carlage known as Caterer
  • Noreen Lee known as Airline Concierge
  • Jake Hanson known as 1998 Launch Attendee
  • Gail Fenton known as Stage Manager
  • James Cotner known as Launch Attendee
  • Larry Kitagawa known as Hong Kong Businessman
  • A.J. Friederich known as Flint Stagehand
  • Pamela Tatz known as Caterer
  • Ramsey Hanchette known as Katie Kallick
  • Mark Lavell known as VIP Investor
  • Thomas W. Stewart known as Press Photographer
  • Jimmy Giliberti known as VIP Investor
  • Jeff Walker known as Project Engineer
  • Mathew Lipisko known as Launch Attendee
  • Bianca Von Krieg known as VIP
  • Alec Boyle known as P. Freeze
  • Andrew Koponen known as Chef
  • Dave H Ogden known as Press Photographer
  • Brian Castellanos known as Cameraman
  • Ausaf Masud known as Apple Security Symphony Hall
  • Derek W. Adam known as Cameraman
  • Anthony Larice known as Program Engineer
  • Moises Amaya known as Generation X Engineer 1998
  • Peter K. Owen known as MacIntosh launch VIP
  • Patrick Engler known as Cable Car Patron
  • Rajiv Khilnani known as Indian Caterer
  • John Edward Cabrera known as Launch Attendee
  • Tim Brown known as Don Denman
  • Justin Chung known as Launch Attendee
  • Sam Vegas known as VIP Member
  • Mike Siemsen known as Larry Kenyon
  • Mike Whitaker known as Journalist
  • Jekyns Pelaez known as Marketing Team Member
  • Kevin Kunze known as VIP Shareholder
  • Jeff Rankin known as Cafe Patron
  • Johnnie Boyd known as Steve Stage hand technician
  • Janet Dyer known as Custodian
  • Michael Harold Walker known as Launch Attendee
  • Puja Patel known as 1988 Launch Attendee
  • Brianne Bogart known as Alicia Johnson / Marketing Team
  • Timothy Beagley known as Launch Attendee
  • Anthony Toste known as Matt McKulsky Apple Security 1998 Launch
  • Justin Chao known as Chinatown Resident
  • Demond Stone known as VIP Investor (credit only)
  • Adam Meredith known as NeXT Product Engineer
  • Luis Fierros known as Apple Employee
  • Cory Montgomery known as Robert Houghton
  • Puja Patel known as Launch Attendee
  • Marc Moon known as 1998 Engineer
  • Lian Thompson known as Apple Employee
  • Adam Chollet known as VIP Investor
  • Michele Strider known as VIP
  • Nestor Cuellas known as Cameraman
  • Elynn Alonzo known as Steve's Stage Manager
  • Lori Beth Merrill known as Venture Capitalist
  • Timmy Colopy known as Gen Xer
  • Cooper McKay known as Launch Attendee
  • Chris Espinoza known as Launch Attendee
  • Julia Holenstein known as Wall Street Journal Reporter
  • Douglas Gawoski known as VIP Shareholder
  • Kyle Garzia known as NeXT Launch Attendee
  • Tom Harada known as VIP Launch Attendee
  • Allan Wong known as Product Engineer
  • Adam Long known as Avi's NeXT Team Engineer
  • Shawn Yee known as 1988 Head Product Engineer
  • Steve Roche known as VIP Shareholder
  • Vaughn Myovich known as VIP Launch Attendee
  • Clarence Watson III known as Lunch Attendee
  • Joshua Levin known as Product Engineer
  • Jerry Feldman known as VIP Shareholder
  • Tyson Wheeler known as Bruce Horn
  • Matt Klein known as VIP Shareholder
  • Elise Scarlott known as Flint Stage Manager
  • Kolbin Lane Patterson known as Guy in Green
  • Phil Vallejo known as Stage Technician in Hallway
  • Maxwell Ghobadi known as Product Engineer
  • Kaylee Bays known as Launch Attendee
  • Mark Kwong known as Launch Attendee
  • Nathan Emley known as Field Reporter
  • Jose R. Montalvan Jr. known as Extra / Theatre Scene
  • AleaSha Meyer known as 1998 Launch Attendee
  • Sologne Patterson known as Launch Attendee
  • Allen Collins known as Field Reporter
  • Adam B. Burnett known as VIP Shareholder
  • Chris Amato known as Steve Capps
  • David Ogden known as Photographer
  • James Ferrandini known as Apple Employee
  • Adrienne O'Keefe known as Project Engineer
  • Stefonia Bavin known as Launch Attendee (uncredited)
  • Dianne Brennan known as 1998 Launch Attendee (uncredited)
  • Holly Horn known as Press Photographer (uncredited)
  • Slim Khezri known as Launch Attendee (uncredited)
  • Baran Mavi known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Ed Moy known as 1998 Product Engineer (uncredited)
  • Jesse Muick known as 1984 Product Engineer (uncredited)
  • Steven Jon Nichols known as Board Member (uncredited)
  • Jason Novak known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Dan A. Purcell known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Luis Salazar known as 1998 Launch Attendee (uncredited)
  • Cynthia Naylor Smyth known as 1998 VIP Launch Attendee (uncredited)
  • James D. Weston II known as Event Security (uncredited)
  • Maximilian Winnberg known as Launch Attendee (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Gretchen Davis known as makeup department head
  • Chris Lyons known as special effects teeth
  • Robert Mrazik known as hair stylist
  • Lisa Patnoe known as makeup artist
  • Andrea Pino known as makeup artist
  • Ivana Primorac known as makeup designer
  • Yvette Rivas known as hair department head

Art Department:

  • Lauren Abrams known as painter
  • Susan Alegria known as assistant art director
  • Jory Alvarado known as set dresser
  • Jason Byers known as lead scenic artist
  • Ellora Coombs known as art production assistant
  • Chad R. Davis known as on-set dresser
  • Qris Fry known as construction gang boss
  • Manh Hakchareun known as art production assistant
  • Jason Hoobyar known as set dresser
  • John Lister known as carpenter
  • John Lister known as set dresser
  • Kelli Lundy known as art department coordinator
  • Doni McMillan known as set dresser
  • John Micheletos known as leadman
  • Katy Moore-Kozachik known as scenic artist
  • Joel Morgante known as Construction General Foreman
  • Doug Pierce known as lead set designer
  • Anna Rogers known as assistant property master
  • Emily K. Rolph known as graphic designer
  • James Shefik known as scenic foreman
  • Chris Ubick known as property master
  • Doug E. Williams known as construction coordinator


Production Companies:

  • Universal Pictures (presents)
  • Legendary Pictures (presents)
  • Scott Rudin Productions (as Scott Rudin)
  • Mark Gordon Company, The (as Mark Gordon Company)
  • Management 360 (as Entertainment 360)
  • Decibel Films
  • Cloud Eight Films

Other Companies:

  • Alcomm Systems  IT/telecom services
  • Back Lot Music  soundtrack
  • Beau Bonneau Casting  extras casting
  • Big Crowds  crowd casting: San Jose & San Francisco
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  hydrascope telescoping crane arm (uncredited)
  • DTC Grip & Electric  grip and lighting equipment
  • HireWorks  Avid dx nitris
  • Keslow Camera  camera equipment provided by

Additional Details


  • United International Pictures (UIP) (2016) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2015) (Germany) (theatrical)
  • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2016) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
  • Universal Pictures (2015) (USA) (theatrical)

..{tab=Other Stuff}

Special Effects:

  • Union Visual Effects (visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • Matthew Chan known as digital compositor
  • Agueda Del Castillo known as lead compositor
  • Adam Gascoyne known as visual effects supervisor
  • Manuel Huertas known as digital compositor
  • João Menezes known as visual effects
  • Benito Sanz known as digital compositor
  • Jean-Clement Soret known as digital intermediate colorist
  • Noga Alon Stein known as vfx line producer
  • Helen Streeter known as visual effects coordinator
  • Lewis Wright known as digital compositor

MPAA: Rated R for language.


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