Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

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  • Rate: 6.5/10 total 2,362 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Horror
  • Release Date: 30 October 2015 (USA)
  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Filming Location: Santa Clarita, California, USA
  • Budget: $15,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $3,635,292 (USA) (13 November 2015)
  • Director: Christopher Landon
  • Stars: Tye Sheridan, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: Matthew Margeson   
  • Soundtrack: BABY ONE MORE TIME
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat
  • Plot Keyword: Friendship | Zombie | Large Breasts | Bare Breasts | Female Nudity

Writing Credits By:

  • Carrie Lee Wilson (screenplay) (as Carrie Evans) &
  • Emi Mochizuki (screenplay) and
  • Christopher Landon (screenplay)
  • Lona Williams (story)

Known Trivia

  • The screenplay for this film was featured in the 2010 Blacklist; a list of the “most liked” unmade scripts of the year. 24 of 25 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Filmed in Cypress, California near Lexington Jr. High School. 10 of 12 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • A mile marker seen during the movie shows “Haddonfield” as a nearby city. Haddonfield is the setting for the movie “Halloween” 4 of 4 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Originally titled, Scouts VS Zombies 7 of 9 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • The police station scenes were filmed in Seal Beach, CA at a real police station. 4 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Dillon Francis DJ and producer who contributed music to this film plays the zombie (in the nsfw trailer) that Augie shoots in the face in slow motion! 8 of 13 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Special effects make-up artist Brian Kinney, judge from Food Network’s Halloween Wars, applied zombie make-up for the zombies in this film. 3 of 4 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |
  • Both Tye Sheridan and Logan Miller star in The Stanford Prison Experiment (2015) Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No |
  • The “Jerk” shirt that Blake Anderson is wearing in the film was done by Steven Belmarsh. 0 of 1 found this interesting Interesting? Yes No |

Goofs: Continuity: In the opening scenes when the scouts are reciting the scout oath Carter raises his left hand, but after a cutaway shot of Scout Leader Rogers his right hand is raised.

Plot: Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.  »

Story: Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.


Synopsis: The film starts with Ron the janitor (Blake Anderson) jamming out to "Black Widow" in the halls of a research facility. He enters where Dr. Pieter Morris (Theo Kypri) is working on something. Pieter leaves to get a snack from the vending machine while Ron cleans up. He notices something behind a curtain. There, he finds a man hooked up to a machine with tubes, and his skin is pale and veiny. Ron grabs the man’s wrist, and he twitches, making Ron stumble backwards and screw up the machine. As he tries to fix it, he then attempts to give the man CPR, until he sees his bleeding gums. He tries to resuscitate him with his hands, but they go through the man’s stomach. The man jumps up and starts throwing Ron all over the room while Pieter is struggling to get a bag of chips out. As he tries to reach the bag, Ron emerges from the room all zombified and attacks Pieter. The bag then slowly drops to the bottom.

Three boy scouts and childhood buddies – Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller), and Augie (Joey Morgan) – are with their Scout Leader Rogers (David Koechner) for scouts registration day. Unfortunately, only one kid is there, and he leaves after watching the corny video. Although discouraged, Rogers reminds the boys that tonight is a special night for Augie, since he’s getting his Condor Badge.

While driving home, Carter tells Ben that they need to tell Augie that they want to quit being scouts, despite sticking around for the last two years after the death of Augie’s dad. Carter is more interested in hooking up with girls, while Ben thinks they should stick around for their buddy. Ben then hits a deer on the road, causing a flat tire. As they change it, Carter sees his sister Kendall (Halston Sage) arriving with her boyfriend Jeff (Patrick Schwarzenegger) and friend Chloe (Niki Koss). Ben has a crush on Kendall, despite her seeing him as a little brother and Carter not knowing. While Ben talks to Kendall, Carter chats up the other two and gets an invitation to a secret senior party that night. Ben then notices that the deer is not in the same spot where it fell. Thinking the party could be life-changing for them, Carter tells Ben that they can go to Augie’s badge ceremony and sneak out to the party when he’s asleep. Ben drives Carter home where they run into his grouchy elderly neighbor Ms. Fielder (Cloris Leachman), who tells Carter to keep his garbage bins away from her driveway.

In the woods, Rogers walks and finds Pieter’s badge. He sees something rustling in the bushes. The deer emerges in its zombie state and tries to get Rogers. He stabs the deer in the eye with his lucky knife, only to then get his throat bitten out by zombie Pieter.

On the way to the ceremony, Ben and Carter stop by the liquor store so Carter can give a drunken bum $20 to get them beer. This backfires since the man makes a ruckus in the store. Passing by is Denise (Sarah Dumont), a girl that supposedly dropped out from the boys’ high school and became a stripper. Ben meets her when the handle of her purse breaks, so he fixes it with a special knot. Denise notices that Carter is trying to get the money back from the bum, so she goes in and coolly grabs the money and gets the beers for the boys before heading to work at the strip joint across the street, Lawrence of Alabia (seriously).

Ben and Carter meet Augie in the woods where he’s already getting his camping gear ready. The boys hang out and goof off all afternoon until it gets dark. They light a fire and roast marshmallows. When Carter leaves for a bit, Augie expresses his joy at getting to hang out with his friends, making Ben feel a little guilty about wanting to leave.

After Augie falls asleep, Carter gets Ben and they drive away, only for Augie to show up on the road. He knows about the party, and while he’s heartbroken and disappointed, he tells the guys to go anyway.

Ben and Carter stop at the liquor store for a moment. Ben sees that the glass door has been shattered. Carter sees that the bouncer at the strip joint is missing. He gets Ben to go inside with him. Carter runs to get money from the ATM while Ben sits by the stage. A stripper comes out and does a dance, though she is already a zombie. When Carter shows up, the zombie stripper climbs the pole, and blood spurts from her open neck wound. The boys run and find the bouncer is a zombie too. He chases Ben into the bathroom while Carter hides from the stripper. She pulls him out from behind the bar, but Carter kills her by sticking a broken glass bottle in her head (which causes blood to pour from the open wound onto his face). Denise (who is really a cocktail waitress) appears with a shotgun and blasts the bouncer’s head off.

The three run outside, and the boys slowly realize that they are indeed dealing with a zombie breakout. They run to Ben’s car as a horde of zombies approach. Ben drives like crazy out of there, causing his spare tire to fall off. Denise holds off the zombies as the boys quickly replace the tire before they drive away.

Augie goes to Rogers’ home. He sees nobody there other than a weird collection of Dolly Parton items. Augie then goes to take a dump and returns to the living room to find zombie Rogers. He chases Augie through the house all the way to the basement where Augie grabs a can of lighter fluid and a gas lighter to set his scout leader on fire. He then ties Rogers up and leaves.

Ben, Carter, and Denise go to the sheriff’s department and see a sign that says the town’s been evacuated. The zombie horde gets closer, and the three run inside. The cops have been zombified as well, forcing them to lock themselves in a cell. Augie later shows up after seeing Ben’s car and blasts "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" to distract the zombies. As the zombies leave, the three try to get the key from the wall. Ben uses Carter’s condoms as a chain and manages to grab the keys until Augie shows up and accidentally kicks them into a drain pipe. Fortunately, Augie picks the lock with his knife. A zombie comes in, but Ben impales it through the head. They head out.

The four walk down the road and encounter the drunken bum as a zombie. Augie attempts to assert himself using his scouts knowledge, leading him and Carter to sing "Baby One More Time" with the zombie after they notice his Britney Spears shirt. A bullet then goes through the bum’s head, fired by a soldier. He takes the four to the address that Carter was given for the party so they can save Kendall. However, Jeff gave Carter the address to a sewage plant (because it’s "full of shit"). Augie tells Carter now he knows what it’s like to be screwed over. Carter then admits that he and Ben were already planning to quit being scouts. This makes Augie tell Carter that Ben has a crush on Kendall, angering Carter. To make things worse, they hear on the radio that the town is to be bombed in less than two hours. As the boys fight, the soldier turns into a zombie and attacks Denise. The boys help her, and she smashes the zombie’s head with the car door. Carter deduces that Kendall probably wrote the location of the party in her diary, so they take the truck to his house.

Back in the boys’ neighborhood, they encounter Rogers, half-burnt, and they run him over. They go into Carter’s house to find the diary. They look through Kendall’s room until they hear a noise from downstairs. Carter and Augie go to check it out. Denise then sees a picture of Kendall and understands why Ben has a crush on her. Noting his lack of confidence, she tells Ben to kiss her. He tries but accidentally headbutts Denise. She then does it for him.

Zombies break into Carter’s home, including Ms. Fielder. She attacks Carter and tries to literally eat his ass until he and Augie force her against a window to break it and then chop her head off. More zombies attack. The gang fights them and run toward Kendall’s room to jump on the trampoline and over the fence. Carter, Denise, and Augie go ahead with Ben going last. As the zombies break into the room, Kendall’s diary falls out of the underwear drawer. Ben grabs it and goes to jump, but there are too many zombies on the trampoline, and too many in the room. Ben prepares to jump but nearly slips until he grabs hold of something…a zombie penis. The penis rips off, and Ben falls on the trampoline after Denise distracts the zombies.

The gang runs into Ms. Fielder’s home where they encounter her zombie cats. After escaping them, they head into the garage and steal her car before getting out of there.

The boys learn that the party is at a rec center. Denise finds a motorcycle and goes to get help. Ben gives his friends a rousing speech on how they’re going to kick zombie ass and save their friends. They stop at a hardware store and grab many supplies before heading to the party.

At the party, Chloe and her boyfriend Travis (Lukas Gage) go into a room so Travis can have sex with Chloe. She refuses but allows him to eat her out. A zombie with no lower jaw enters and kills Travis. He eats Chloe out for a bit before turning her into a zombie. Kendall is worried about her brother, until Jeff admits he gave Carter the wrong address. Pissed, Kendall leaves. Jeff tries to hold her back, but she slaps him. He pushes Kendall as zombie Chloe enters and attacks Jeff. Kendall runs away, only to see that more zombies are coming. When it looks like she’s done for, the scouts arrive to lay waste. Ben mows the zombies down with a weed whacker, Carter has a nail gun, and Augie has a gun that shoots heavy balls. Carter "nails" Chloe in the head, while Ben decapitates Jeff. The boys lead the survivors to the stairs while Ben rescues Kendall. He stays behind to lock the doors while his friends run toward a room. Augie places a bomb that he made on the floor and tries to light it. Ben makes another speech on how he and Carter were jerks for trying to ditch Augie and that he really loves being a scout because that’s how he became friends with them. Denise shows up and guides the boys out through a slide. At the last minute, Augie lights the bomb and gets out before it goes off and blows up the zombies. The last one is Rogers on the outside, but he’s blown up by a grenade. The military finally arrives to save the day.

The morning comes, and Denise encourages Ben to go after Kendall. Without a second thought, he walks up to her and kisses her passionately. Augie thinks it’s sweet, but Carter is displeased.

During the end credits, we see the gang’s selfies, including Ben taking Kendall to prom and Denise hanging out with the guys. After this, we see outside the rec center where Rogers’ head is still alive. A bird poops on him and he goes, "Come on…" before turning to the audience and saying "The end!"

{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Bryan Brucks known as producer
  • Andy Fickman known as producer
  • Todd Garner known as producer
  • Samson Mucke known as executive producer
  • Sean Robins known as executive producer
  • Betsy Sullenger known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Tye Sheridan known as Ben
  • Logan Miller known as Carter
  • Joey Morgan known as Augie
  • Sarah Dumont known as Denise
  • David Koechner known as Scout Leader Rogers
  • Halston Sage known as Kendall Grant
  • Cloris Leachman known as Miss Fielder
  • Niki Koss known as Chloe
  • Hiram A. Murray known as Corporal Reeves
  • Lukas Gage known as Travis
  • Drew Droege known as Drunk Man
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger known as Jeff
  • Blake Anderson known as Ron the Janitor
  • Elle Evans known as Amber
  • Matty Cardarople known as Jawless Zombie
  • Missy Martinez known as Deputy Zombie
  • Cameron Elmore known as Nerdy Kid
  • Zale Kessler known as Bathrobe Zombie
  • Tony Gardner known as Party Attacker Zombie
  • Dillon Francis known as D.J.
  • Theo Kypri known as Peter Morris
  • Brianna Gardner known as Zombie Cat Performer
  • Sara Malakul Lane known as Beth Daniels
  • Efren John Rowan known as Zombie
  • Lilo Tauvao known as Zombie Cat Performer
  • Meghan Aruffo known as Jail Zombie (uncredited)
  • Becktoria known as Hot Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Laura Bedwell-Young known as Zombie Pack Leader (uncredited)
  • Greg Brown known as Old zombie pool killer (uncredited)
  • Laura Bush known as Goth Zombie (uncredited)
  • Courtney Cooper known as Survivor (uncredited)
  • Feather Rae Dawn known as Jail Zombie (uncredited)
  • Jose Diaz known as Scary Kid (uncredited)
  • Jeremy Dunn known as Patient Zero (uncredited)
  • Leon Charles Farmer known as Steve Daniels (uncredited)
  • Jordan Fuller known as Scout (uncredited)
  • Tom Valentine Gelo known as Zombie Victim (uncredited)
  • Laurel Harris known as Kate Goudy (uncredited)
  • Alexandra Ibrahim known as Hot Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Janell Islas known as Adult Zombie (uncredited)
  • Mellie Johnson known as Partygoer (uncredited)
  • Leo Misha King known as Survivor (uncredited)
  • John Kreng known as Asian Shopkeeper (uncredited)
  • Britt Loren known as Selfie Prom Date (uncredited)
  • Steffanie Malanga known as Pretty Girl (uncredited)
  • Sandy Martinez known as Hot Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Julie Paige known as Hot Girl (uncredited)
  • JoAnna Pallante known as Hot Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Justin Phillip known as Corporal Douglas (uncredited)
  • Ardeshir Radpour known as Soldier (uncredited)
  • Arielle Raycene known as Hot Girl (uncredited)
  • Cliff Redding known as Pool Party Zombie (uncredited)
  • Lisa Richman known as Straggler Zombie (uncredited)
  • Brittany Riley known as U5 (uncredited)
  • David Rowden known as Zombie cop (uncredited)
  • Rebecca Rowley known as Mother Zombie (uncredited)
  • Joel Shock known as Hugs Not Drugs Zombie (uncredited)
  • Katherine Stephens-Miller known as Pool Party Zombie (uncredited)
  • Dorinda Townsend known as Pool Party Zombie (uncredited)
  • Yana Trofimova known as Hot Party Girl (uncredited)
  • Rudy Villagrana known as YOLO Zombie (uncredited)
  • Adam J. Wagener known as Jail Zombie (uncredited)
  • Morgan Womack known as Party Girl / Zombie (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Steven E. Anderson known as special makeup effects artist
  • Cary Ayers known as makeup artist
  • Michael Broom known as creature designer
  • Kevin Carter known as special effects contact lenses
  • Carlton Coleman known as special makeup effects artist
  • Steve Costanza known as special makeup effects artist
  • Robert Kato DeStefan known as special makeup effects artist
  • Rocky Faulkner known as special makeup effects artist
  • Thomas Floutz known as special makeup effects artist
  • Tony Gardner known as special makeup effects designer and supervisor
  • Ursula Hawks known as additional hair stylist
  • Ralis Kahn known as makeup effects department co-head
  • Brian Kinney known as special makeup effects artist
  • Brad Look known as special makeup effects artist
  • Adrienne Lynn known as special makeup effects artist
  • Sava Markovic known as lens technician
  • Liz Mendoza known as special makeup effects artist
  • Bart Mixon known as special makeup effects artist
  • Danielle Noe known as special makeup effects artist
  • Alexei O'Brien known as special makeup effects artist
  • Brad Palmer known as makeup effects technician
  • Stephanie Kae Panek known as makeup artist
  • Heather Plott known as key makeup artist
  • Joe Podnar known as special makeup effects artist
  • Dave Snyder known as special makeup effects artist
  • Greg Solomon known as special makeup effects artist
  • Natalie Thimm known as special makeup effects artist
  • Vito Trotta known as department head hair stylist
  • Michele Tyminski known as makeup department head
  • Hugo Villasenor known as makeup effects department head

Art Department:

  • David Agajanian known as set dresser
  • Lawson Brown known as set dresser
  • Timothy Burgard known as storyboard artist
  • Lia Burton known as art assistant
  • Jon J. Bush known as leadman
  • Robert Castillo known as storyboard artist (interstitial segments)
  • Derek du Bellier known as general foreman: reshoots
  • Derek du Bellier known as propmaker
  • Eduardo H. Esparza known as construction foreman
  • Andrew Gersh known as set dresser
  • Roger Kelton known as construction coordinator
  • Cynthia Kershaw known as art dept coordinator
  • Lance Larson known as assistant propmaster
  • Danielle Lee known as art department assistant
  • Gerald Lehtola known as art coordinator
  • Vincent Lucido known as storyboard artist
  • Mike Lytle known as on-set painter
  • Steven B. Melton known as property master
  • Martin Milligan known as on set dresser
  • Chelsey Morin known as set decoration coordinator
  • Steven Samanen known as graphic designer
  • Brett Shannon known as paint foreman
  • Emmanuel Shiu known as concept artist
  • Craig Stoa known as set dresser
  • Kimberly Anne Watkins known as art pa


Production Companies:

  • Broken Road Productions
  • Brucks Entertainment
  • Oops Doughnuts Productions
  • Paramount Pictures

Other Companies:

  • 5150 Action  production services
  • Animal Savvy  animals
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera cranes (uncredited)
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies (uncredited)
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  stabilized remote camera systems (uncredited)
  • La-La Land Records  soundtrack
  • La-La Land Records  soundtrack (limited edition)
  • Scarlet Letters  end titles
  • Sessions Payroll Management  extras payroll services
  • T.L. Security Solutions  executive protection agent

Additional Details


  • Cocinsa (2015) (Nicaragua) (theatrical)
  • Columbia Pictures (2015) (Philippines) (theatrical)
  • Intercontinental Film Distributors (HK) (2015) (Hong Kong) (theatrical)
  • NOS Audiovisuais (2015) (Portugal) (theatrical)
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..{tab=Other Stuff}

Special Effects:

  • Alterian
  • Atomic Fiction

Visual Effects by:

  • Lenora Acidera known as 3D modeler
  • Jason Arrieta known as digital compositor
  • Tyler Cayce known as character fx artist
  • Ayse Dedeoglu known as visual effects editor: Atomic Fiction
  • Matthew Nowicki DuVall known as visual effects
  • Jason Funk known as digital artist
  • Paul Hargrave known as digital artist: atomic fiction
  • Seth Hill known as matte painter
  • Timothy Hoffman known as senior look development and lighting artist
  • Chen Kuang Hsu known as matchmove artist: Atomic Fiction
  • Jessica Katz known as visual effects production support
  • Andras Kavalecz known as CG Generalist: Atomic Fiction
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  • Woei Lee known as compositing supervisor: Atomic Fiction
  • Cindy Lin known as visual effects artist
  • Patrick Louie known as digital artist: Atomic Fiction
  • Saurabh Maurya known as look development/lighting technical director: Atomic Fiction
  • Marc Ostroff known as vp finance: atomic fiction
  • David Philogene known as digital compositor
  • Marc Sadeghi known as visual effects executive producer
  • Anselm Seherr-Thoss known as visual effects artist
  • Jedediah Smith known as digital compositor
  • Myungki Song known as 3d modeler
  • Annalisa Torina known as rotoscoper
  • Ryan Tudhope known as visual effects supervisor
  • Megan McDonald known as visual effects coordinator: Atomic Fiction (uncredited)

MPAA: Rated R for zombie violence and gore, sexual material, graphic nudity, and language throughout


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