Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

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  • IMDb page: Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)
  • Rate: 5.3/10 total 3,315 votes 
  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Release Date: 3 January 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Budget: $5,000,000 (estimated)
  • Gross: $20,578,367 (USA) (7 January 2014)
  • Director: Christopher Landon
  • Stars: Andrew Jacobs, Jorge Diaz, Gabrielle Walsh | See full cast and crew »
  • Sound Mix: Datasat | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Possession | Neighbor | Vhs | Backwards Time Travel | Apartment Complex

Writing Credits By:

  • Christopher Landon (written by)

Known Trivia

  • Features Katie Featherston, the only actress to appear in all five PA movies. 65 of 78 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • In real life, Andrew Jacobs, who plays Jesse, has several tattoos covering his neck, hands and arms, among others. The only scene where any of his tattoos are visible is the scene before the gangsters jump Jesse; when Jesse is kneeling at the vending machine you can see a tattoo above his right knee. 6 of 11 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Plot: Jessie begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor… See more »  »

Story: Jessie begins experiencing a number of disturbing and unexplainable things after the death of his neighbor. As he investigates, it isn’t long before Jessie finds he’s been marked for possession by a malevolent demonic entity, and it’s only a matter of time before he is completely under its control… Written byAnonymous


Synopsis: The story begins in June 2012 in Oxnard, California. Recent high school graduate Jesse (Andrew Jacobs) has a party which includes his family and friends to celebrate his graduation. After days of humorous stunts, Jesse finds a bite on his arm. Days later, he and his friend Hector (Jorge Diaz) are confronted by two thugs who attack them, but the thugs are somehow knocked out. When they show the incident to their other friend Marisol (Gabrielle Walsh), Jesse cannot remember how it happened. After a few days of strange activity, he finds that he has superhuman abilities before he tests and plays with them.

Anna, the strange old witch-like neighbor of Jesse, is killed, and the police suspect that Oscar (Carols Pratts), a former classmate of Jesse, is the prime suspect. Jesse and his friend decide to find out what Anna’s apartment looks like. They find black magic rituals, missing tapes of the third film, and a picture of Jesse. They are confronted by Oscar’s brother, Arturo (Richard Cabral), who tells them that Oscar did not kill her. The next day, Jesse and Hector meet Penelope, whom Jesse takes to Anna’s apartment to have sex. Penelope finds a trap door in her apartment leading to the basement and is grabbed by an unseen entity before she breaks free and runs away, while Oscar comes out of it and goes to the bedroom. Jesse arrives back and chases Oscar, revealing that arm has been bitten by Anna and he had killed her. Oscar then commits suicide by jumping from a building onto the top of a car.

The friends check the basement and find photos of Oscar, Jesse, and his family. One of which suggests that his mother was once friends with Anna. Over a few days of strange activity, Jesse begins acting more strangely – sullen and moody. He goes to Anna’s basement to find the cause of a dog’s barking noise, only to find ghostly figures, including those of young Katie and Kristi (Chloe Csengery and Jessica Tyler Brown). He ends up back in his own room – now even more sullen and dark.

Jesse is getting even more dark and his homicidal actions are uncontrollable. Hector and Marisol seek help from Ali Rey (Molly Ephraim), who had researched about demons after the events of the second film and tells them about a coven who possesses others to create an army with the help of demons. Ali gives them an address to where a final ritual takes place, which they go to. They are attacked by a now possessed Jesse, who is knocked out and is taken to hospital. Hector and Marisol are knocked out by a mysterious figure, who takes Jesse away. After regaining consciousness, Hector and Marisol seek help from Arturo and his friend to head to the place of the ritual. There, they find a gateway takes them to an "unholy place", in this case, Grandma Lois’ house at the time the third film ended. The old coven women and the possessed Jesse attack the four and engage in fight, in which Marisol and Arturo’s friend are killed.

Hector flees, leaving a seemingly dead Arturo behind, and goes through the gateway. He finds himself in the household of Katie and Micah (Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat), at the time the first film ended. Hector sees Katie walking from upstairs to get a knife. Upon seeing Hector, she screams for Micah, who arrives to attack Hector. But Micah is stabbed to death by Katie, as Hector flees. Hector is confronted by who appears to be a possessed Jesse, gets killed and drops the camera. Without Hector in sight and the camera still recording, an old lady appears, picks up and turns off the camera.

{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Jason Blum known as producer
  • Samson Mucke known as co-producer
  • Oren Peli known as producer
  • Gregory Plotkin known as co-producer
  • Steven Schneider known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Andrew Jacobs known as Jesse
  • Jorge Diaz known as Hector
  • Gabrielle Walsh known as Marisol
  • Renee Victor known as Jesse's Grandmother
  • Noemi Gonzalez known as Evette
  • David Saucedo known as Cesar
  • Gloria Sandoval known as Anna
  • Richard Cabral known as Arturo
  • Carlos Pratts known as Oscar Hernandez
  • Juan Vasquez known as Santo
  • Alonso Alvarez known as Eber
  • Wallis Barton known as Captive Girl
  • Jessica Tyler Brown known as Kristi
  • Hector Luis Bustamante known as Bodega Manager
  • Lucy Chambers known as Coven Witch
  • Chloe Csengery known as Katie
  • Silvia Curiel known as Celia
  • Diana Danger known as Chola
  • Molly Ephraim known as Ali
  • Maralyn Facey known as Coven Witch
  • Katie Featherston known as Katie
  • David Fernandez Jr. known as Cholo
  • Eddie J. Fernandez known as Carlos
  • Gigi Feshold known as Natalia
  • Brent Gutierrez known as Diego
  • Kimberly Ables Jindra known as Coven Woman #4
  • Tonja Kahlens known as Officer Silva
  • Jose Lizarde Jr. known as Shop Owner
  • Karolin Luna known as Laura Esposito
  • Frank Salinas known as Ramon
  • Crystal Santos known as Coven Witch
  • Micah Sloat known as Micah
  • Catherine Toribio known as Penelope
  • Julian Works known as Pablo

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Jeff Lewis known as makeup department head
  • Michael Spezzano known as additional makeup artist
  • Vito Trotta known as hair department head

Art Department:

  • Lia Burton known as art department pa
  • Don 'Tex' Clark known as on-set dresser
  • Marcello Dolce known as art department pa
  • Jem Elsner known as property master: additional photography
  • Aaron A. Goffman known as on-set property master
  • Aaron A. Goffman known as weapons
  • Robert Greenfield III known as assistant property master: additional photography
  • Michelle Joyce known as lead scenic
  • Robert Lucas known as leadman
  • Joe Mason known as art department assistant


Production Companies:

  • Paramount Pictures (presents)
  • Blumhouse Productions
  • Room 101
  • Solana Films

Other Companies:

  • Across the Board Talent Agency  talent agency and representative
  • Monster Picture Crane  stunt rigging crane


  • Paramount Pictures (2014) (France) (theatrical)
  • Paramount Pictures (2014) (USA) (theatrical)
  • United International Pictures (UIP) (2014) (Argentina) (theatrical)
  • United International Pictures (UIP) (2014) (Singapore) (theatrical)
  • Universal Pictures International (UPI) (2014) (Netherlands) (theatrical)

..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

  • Ryan Tudhope known as visual effects supervisor

MPAA: Rated R for pervasive language, some violence, graphic nudity and some drug use


Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014)

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