Noobz (2013)

Four friends face down a mace-spraying mother, a 1980s arcade champ, and Casper Van Dien in their quest to take the top prize at the Cyberbowl Video Game Championship in Los Angeles, and prove that all of those hours playing Xbox were spent wisely.

When Cody (Blake Freeman) lost his job, he turned to video games for pleasure. Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse when Cody’s wife grows weary of being married to a gamer, and walks out on him. But when Cody’s pal Andy (Jason Mewes) rallies their old gang the Reign Clan to compete in the Cyberbowl Video Game Championship, it appears to be the perfect opportunity to put their gaming skills to use, and win a big cash prize in the process.

With the old pals Oliver (Matt Shively) and “Hollywood” (Moises Arias) in tow, Cody and Andy set their sights on Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the Reign Clan, the forces of the universe seem to be working against them.

Now, as the contest draws near and Andy finally gets some quality face time with gamer goddess Rickie (Zelda Williams), the Reign Clan find that their enemies on the virtual battlefield are no match for the real-life foes who are determined to see them fail.


  • Blake Freeman … Cody
  • Moises Arias … Hollywood
  • Jason Mewes … Andy
  • Jon Gries … Greg Lipstein
  • Matt Shively … Oliver
  • Casper Van Dien … Casper Van Dien
  • Sabrina Carpenter … Brittney
  • Jesse Heiman … Computer Guy
  • Lin Shaye … Mrs. Theodore
  • Carly Craig … Melissa
  • Mindy Sterling … Mrs. Robinson
  • Richard Speight Jr. … Jeff
  • Brien Perry … Mr. Perry
  • Bill Bellamy … Brian Bankrupt Simmons
  • Zelda Williams … Rickie

Biggest Noob- Stephan Schieber

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