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  • Genre: Drama | Sport
  • Release Date: 11 April 2014 (USA)
  • Runtime: USA:109 min
  • Filming Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Gross: $28,831,145 (USA) (13 June 2014)
  • Director: Ivan Reitman
  • Stars: Kevin Costner, Chadwick Boseman, Jennifer Garner | See full cast and crew »
  • Original Music By: John Debney (music by)  
  • Soundtrack: Reno
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital | Datasat
  • Plot Keyword: Unplanned Pregnancy

Writing Credits By:

  • Scott Rothman (written by) &
  • Rajiv Joseph (written by)

Known Trivia

  • The movie originally centered around the Buffalo Bills instead of the Cleveland Browns but the studio changed it to the Browns because the production costs in Ohio were actually cheaper. 59 of 61 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • Initially passed R by the MPAA but Lionsgate appealed the rating and got a PG-13 rating without cuts. 62 of 66 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The trick used by the Washington Redskins of taping a $100 bill to the back of the play book seems inspired by an anecdote of JaMarcus Russell. His coaches in Oakland did not believe he was watching game film and once purposely sent him home with blank DVDs to watch. He returned claiming he watched the video and liked the game plan, obviously lying. There was a similarly story in the 80’s about Randall Cunningham. 15 of 15 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The trade Cleveland makes in the movie is similar to the real-life trade made in the 2012 NFL Draft where the Washington Redskins traded their 2012 #6 overall pick, 2012 2nd Round selection, 2013 1st Round selection and 2014 1st Round selection for the 2012 #2 overall pick in order to select Robert Griffin III. 8 of 8 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • The team Sonny trades for the top pick was originally supposed to be the New York Jets but they dropped out of the movie at the last minute. 5 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |
  • In the final scene, a football player’s uniform is seen with the name “MEDJUCK” on it. Joe Medjuck is a long-time producing partner of director Ivan Reitman. 3 of 3 found this interesting Interesting? YesNo |

Goofs: Continuity: When Bo is first arriving at the 2014 NFL Draft, on a Television Screen in the background there is video of NFL Network with the text "The Pick is In" in it even though the draft was yet to commence.

Plot: At the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick. He must decide what he's willing to sacrifice on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with NFL dreams.  »

Story: At the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick. He must decide what he’s willing to sacrifice on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with NFL dreams.


Synopsis: DRAFT DAY

We open to Seattle, Washington. Seattle Seahawk HQ to be exact. The owner and Head coach Tom Michaels ( Patrick St. Esprit) are discussing what to do with their first round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. The owner tells Tom to trade it for equal to what the Rams got for their first rounder in the 2012 draft. Tom says theres no team desperate enough to do that. He thinks about it and says hold on maybe.Cue Cleveland, Ohio. We now see the GM of the Browns, Sonny Weaver JR ( Kevin Costner), putting on his tie and getting ready for the day. His Salary cap manager and girlfriend Ali (Jennifer Gardner) is in the shower behind him.Sonny goes down stairs to the kitchen and pours him and Ali a cup of coffee. Sonny also slips a folded Post-it into his pocket. She comes down, and gives him the silent treatment. It comes out in conversation that she just told him she is pregnant and he didnt react in the way she would have liked. He blames it on what Today is.

Sonny gets a phone call from a draft prospect, Vonte Mack (Chadwick Bowman, to remind him that Sonny must draft him at #7. If sonny doesnt, Vonte will tumble. And to quote Vonte My nephews like to tumble. I dont. Sonny reassures him not to worry.After the phone call is over, Sonny gets another phone call from Earl Jennings ( Terry Crews). He is an ex browns player and his son, Ray ( Arian Foster) is an Running Back in the draft and would like to play for the Browns also. Sonny reassures Ray to just have a great draft day. You only get one

Sonny meets with the Browns owner, Anthony Molina ( Frank Langella) at a water park about what Sonny plans on doing with the pick. Molina tells Sonny to make a splash.Almost like clockwork, the next person Sonny talks to is Tom. Tom offers him the #1 draft pick for the Browns next three first round picks. Sonny tells him hes crazy.Now we see the War room at Cleveland Browns HQ. The Head Coach, Coach Penn ( Denis Leary) with a few of the war room experts. Sonny comes in and tells them to throw away all that they were scouting on Vonte Mack. He now has the #1 pick and their going after the qb in the draft , Bo Callahan ( Josh Pence). He tells them what he gave up for the #1 pick. They tell him hes insane and that he ruined the franchise.

Sonny goes to his office, to find that Ali has hired a new intern because the others are helping with the draft. He starts to yell at him. The pressure is getting to Sonny. Ali comes in and tries to talk to Sonny, he says he cant handle it. Ali leaves. Sonny gets a phone call from Bos Agent ( Sean Combs) and Bo himself. Sonny asks Bo a few questions, and Bo expresses his interest in playing for the Browns. Before he hangs up, Bos agent makes sure Bo gives Sonny his condolences because of Sonnys recent loss of his dad. Sonny says thanks and hangs up.This is when Sonny gets a phone call from his mother, Barb (Ellen Burstyn). She tells him that Vonte has tweeted about the trade, and she starts to give him the riot act. He tells her goodbye and calls Vonte. He tells him to stay off Twitter, because no matter what happens, GMs dont like over spoken players. Before hanging up, Vonte puts a little birdie in Sonnys ear to watch the tapes of Bo and Really look at them.

Sonny calls for the collection of all the Browns tapes on Bo. At this point, is when Sonny is informed that the current Browns QB Brian Drew (Tom Welling) has destroyed Sonnys office.Sonny goes down to confront him. Brian wants to be traded, and his ticked. Sonny says no matter what, he will do whatever is best for the team.Sonny asks the Browns security expert to looks into Bos background. The guy is clean besides one incident at his 21st birthday party. The police had to come to the restaurant, and took down everyones name due to a burglary. None of Bos Wisconsin teammates were there.When Sonny gets back to his office, Sonnys mom and Ex wife are there to spread his dads ashes on the practice field. She asks him to say a prayer while it happens, and he says not today. She says fine Ill do It myself.

Ali comes in and introduces herself to the group. Barb and the ex wife are total snobs. Barb asks Ali for a cup of coffee. Ali goes to get it, but Sonny stops her. Barb asks Sonny one more time about the spreading of the ashes, and he gets mad. He throws a laptop across his office and puts a hole in the wall. Barb almost bursts out in tears, and leaves the office.Sonny and Ali go down to the practice field, where a plaque to Sonnys father is shown. Sonny tells Ali that the only reason why he fired his father as the Browns HC is because his mom asked him too. His father was in ill health and more years of football would have killed him. He chose to fire his dad in order to give his dads last few years to his mom instead.

Sonny goes back up to his office, to find that the new intern that Ali hired is trying to fix his laptop. Sonny apologizes for breaking it and tells him that he will get him a new one.Sonny meets with the head of security once again. And he reiterates about the birthday party.Sonny calls Bos ex head coach, who denies the allegations.Draft time is finally here. Sonny is up in his office, and not in the war room. He calls in his pick. He chooses Vonte over Bo.

Vonte starts crying with happiness.Bo has an anxiety attack and leaves Radio City Music Hall, (where the draft is being held)Anthony leaves the hall in a dizzy, and flies back to Cleveland. Sonny has all but lost his job.

This is when Sonny gets on the phone with the owner of the #6 pick in the draft, The Jacksonville Jaguars. After some negotiations, Sonny acquires their pick for the Browns next three years 2nd round picks. The war room erupts. Anthony comes in and tells Sonny that he is almost fired.Next up, Sonny calls Tom back, he knows that the Seahawks want Bo Callahan, and after Sonny didnt choose him, Bos draft stock drops. Sonny offers him the #6 pick for everything that Sonny gave him for the #1. Tom says no. Sonny rebuttals that he will draft Callahan if Tom says no, Tom still says no. Then Tom thinks about it, he says he will accept the deal. Sonny says too late, and purposes a new trade, everything Sonny gave up for the #1 pick plus a punt returner. Tom accepts.

The Seahawks draft Bo with the #6 pick, and the Browns draft Ray Jennings as #7.The film ends with Sonny and Ali telling Barb about Ali being Pregnant, and Sonny and Ali kissing. We also see opening kickoff of the season, and Sonny and Ali are still together and Ali is showing. The team huddles up for a last hurrah before the season officially startsCue End Credits

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Produced By:

  • Ali Bell known as producer
  • Michael Beugg known as executive producer
  • Jason Blumenfeld known as associate producer
  • Joe Medjuck known as producer
  • Michael Paseornek known as production executive
  • Tom Pollock known as executive producer
  • Gigi Pritzker known as producer
  • Ivan Reitman known as producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Chris Berman known as Himself
  • Dave Donaldson known as Danny
  • Patrick St. Esprit known as Tom Michaels
  • Chi McBride known as Walt Gordon
  • Mel Kiper known as Himself
  • Jon Gruden known as Himself
  • Kevin Costner known as Sonny Weaver Jr.
  • Deion Sanders known as Himself
  • Mike Mayock known as Himself
  • Jennifer Garner known as Ali
  • Anthony Rizzo known as Himself
  • Aaron Goldhammer known as Himself
  • Chadwick Boseman known as Vontae Mack
  • Jordan Harris known as Vontae's Nephew
  • Zachary Littlejohn known as Vontae's Nephew (as Zachary Littleton)
  • Enré Laney known as Attractive Woman
  • Terry Crews known as Earl Jennings
  • Arian Foster known as Ray Jennings
  • Frank Langella known as Anthony Molina
  • Denis Leary known as Coach Penn
  • Timothy Simons known as Marx
  • David Ramsey known as Thompson
  • Wade Williams known as O'Reilly
  • Bernard Canepari known as War Room Scout
  • Christopher Mele known as War Room Scout
  • Leilani Barrett known as War Room Scout
  • Michael Cipiti known as War Room Scout
  • Justin Zabor known as War Room Scout
  • Aswan Harris known as War Room Intern
  • Laura Steinel known as Heather
  • Griffin Newman known as Rick the Intern
  • Sean Combs known as Chris Crawford
  • Josh Pence known as Bo Callahan
  • Ellen Burstyn known as Barb Weaver
  • Brad William Henke known as Tony 'Bagel' Bagli
  • Alex Mack known as Himself
  • Tom Welling known as Brian Drew
  • John Lee known as Locker Room Player
  • Wallace Langham known as Pete Begler
  • W. Earl Brown known as Ralph Mowry
  • Sam Elliott known as Coach Moore
  • Christopher Cousins known as Max Stone
  • Russ Brandon known as Himself
  • Marc Honan known as Himself
  • Erin Darke known as Seahawks Fan
  • Quincy Dunn-Baker known as Seahawks Fan
  • Kevin Dunn known as Marvin
  • Gregory D. Rush known as Phil
  • Tom Headlee known as Wyndham
  • Roger Goodell known as Himself
  • Patrick Breen known as Bill Zotti
  • Rich Eisen known as Himself
  • David Dunn known as Vontae's Agent
  • Rosanna Arquette known as Angie
  • John Heffernan known as Himself
  • Rebecca Haarlow known as Herself
  • Ray Lewis known as Himself
  • Stephen Hill known as Robert Starks
  • Jim Brewer known as Nate Davies
  • Ramses Barden known as Draft Day Player
  • Zoltan Mesko known as Draft Day Player
  • Demario Davis known as Draft Day Player
  • Margot Danis known as Bo Callahan's Girlfriend
  • Emil Boccio known as Agent
  • Leanora Haselrig known as Vontae's Girlfriend
  • Jennifer McMahan known as Brian Drew's Wife
  • Sophie Guest known as Brian Drew's Daughter
  • Brenda Adrine known as Vontae's Grandmother
  • Edwina Hadley known as Vontae's Grandmother
  • Pat Healy known as Jeff Carson
  • Ken Fiore known as Himself
  • Joel Bussert known as Himself
  • Frank Supovitz known as Himself
  • Sammy Choi known as Himself
  • Jeff Darlington known as Himself
  • Mike Florio known as Himself
  • Alex Marvez known as Himself
  • Seth Wickersham known as Himself
  • Jim Brown known as Himself
  • Bernie Kosar known as Himself
  • Monique Brown known as Herself
  • Phil Taylor known as Himself
  • T.J. Ward known as Himself
  • D'Qwell Jackson known as Himself
  • Andre Bello known as Himself
  • Kenneth Shareef known as Jacksonville Jaguars Coach (rumored)
  • Cyndy Allen known as Browns Personel (uncredited)
  • Dan Anders known as Jacksonville Jaguars Executive (uncredited)
  • Jason Botsford known as Ohio State Fan (uncredited)
  • Cristee Brianas known as Woman Walking Dog (uncredited)
  • Corey Brown known as Vontae's Agent (uncredited)
  • Brittany Buck known as Park Visitor (uncredited)
  • Travis Allen Bush known as Browns Coaching Staff (uncredited)
  • Christina Cacic known as VIP Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Kyle Carthens known as Cleveland Browns / Wisconsin Football Player (uncredited)
  • Denny Castiglione known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Nina Chadha known as Draft Party Hostess (uncredited)
  • Holly Nicole Chakan known as Jogger (uncredited)
  • Sandhya Chandel known as Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Michael V. Chastain known as Cadillac Driver (uncredited)
  • Suzie Coker known as Friend of Barb (uncredited)
  • John Dannug known as Sean Capressi (uncredited)
  • Austin Davis known as NFL Draftee (uncredited)
  • Adrian Denzel known as Track Runner (uncredited)
  • James Durbin known as Cleveland Browns VIP (uncredited)
  • Shannon Edwards known as Mr. Fail (uncredited)
  • Mark Falvo known as Cleveland Browns VIP (uncredited)
  • John Fecek known as Browns Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Joe Fishel known as College Football Sideline Official (uncredited)
  • Eric Frank known as Luxury Box Guest (uncredited)
  • Logan Fry known as VIP Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Joe Gallipoli known as Cleveland Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Marie A. Garton known as VIP Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • David Goebel known as Browns Personal (uncredited)
  • Richard Goteri known as (uncredited)
  • David Gragg known as Sonny Weaver Sr. (uncredited)
  • Robert Graziosi known as Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Tina Grimm known as Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Michael Hackworth known as OSU Football Fan (uncredited)
  • Brian Haley known as NFL Commissioner (uncredited)
  • Carmen Dee Harris known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Hannah Harris known as Mom with Stroller (uncredited)
  • Denny Hazen known as Jacksonville Jaguars Scout (uncredited)
  • Greg Herman known as Thomas (uncredited)
  • Haley Higgins known as Girlfriend (uncredited)
  • Aaron Hill known as Andre Bello (uncredited)
  • Ray Hodge known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Linda Marie Howell known as Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Gary Jones known as Draft Day Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Christopher Kaczmarek known as Seattle Seahawks Fan (uncredited)
  • Julia Langholt known as Ohio State Fan (uncredited)
  • Stuart Laven known as VIP Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Jennifer Lavi known as VIP Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Annette Lawless known as Linda Rickman (uncredited)
  • Scott Lockhart known as University of Wisconsin Athletic Trainer (uncredited)
  • Christine Magda known as Ohio State Fan (uncredited)
  • Kimberly J. Mahoney known as Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Angie Marino-Smith known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Rance Martin known as Seattle Seahawks Fan (uncredited)
  • Scott P. Martin known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Derick Mayes known as Seahawk Recruiter (uncredited)
  • Chris McCail known as Head Referee (uncredited)
  • Kayla McDonald known as Seahawks Fan (uncredited)
  • Johanna McGinley known as Browns Personnel (uncredited)
  • Tiffany Sander McKenzie known as VIP Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Shawn Michelle known as Pedestrian / Car RAV 4 (uncredited)
  • Dave Moody known as Seattle Seahawks Personnel / Car BMW (uncredited)
  • Jesse Newman known as Driver (uncredited)
  • Gil O'Brien known as Richard O'Toole (uncredited)
  • Amechi Okocha known as Ohio State University Football Player (uncredited)
  • Michael Path known as Cleveland Browns Facilities Manager (uncredited)
  • Dave Placko known as Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Marse Ratliff known as Draft War Room Personnel (uncredited)
  • Nathan Andrew Read known as Tim Gruff (uncredited)
  • Amy Reichert known as Seattle Seahawks Fan (uncredited)
  • Brent Reichert known as Kansas City Chiefs Executive (uncredited)
  • Jacob Resnik known as Extra (uncredited)
  • Diane Rinaldi known as Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • John Risner known as Browns Scout (uncredited)
  • Lynda Santa known as Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Aaron J. Savage known as NFL Draftee (uncredited)
  • Jeff Seich known as Browns Football Trainer (uncredited)
  • Tom Shafer known as Wisconsin Coaching Staff (uncredited)
  • Deanna Sherman known as Draft Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Gaynelle W. Sloman known as Draft Day Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Douglas Slygh known as Browns Coaching Staff (uncredited)
  • Richard J. Stahl III known as Jacksonville Jaguars Scout (uncredited)
  • Nicole Tubbs known as Cleveland Browns Fan (uncredited)
  • Jerry Lee Tucker known as Cleveland Browns Football Scout (uncredited)
  • Megan Leigh Valentino known as College Student (uncredited)
  • Kristephan Warren-Stevens known as Jacksonville Jaguars Scout (uncredited)
  • Matthew Wilks known as Browns Personal (uncredited)
  • Lisa Y. Wong known as Draft Day Party Guest (uncredited)
  • Abigail Wylie known as Ohio State University Fan (uncredited)
  • Theresa Wylie known as Gymnastics Mom (uncredited)
  • Seth Yergin known as Event Staff (uncredited)
  • Alex Ziwak known as ESPN Camera Man (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Jacquelyn Adamson known as makeup artist
  • Deborah La Mia Denaver known as co-makeup department head
  • Jameson Eaton known as hair stylist
  • Monique Hahn known as makeup artist
  • Jennifer Johnson known as key hair stylist
  • Tonya Johnson known as hair stylist (as Tanya Johnson)
  • Nancy Keslar known as hair stylist
  • Leslie Shayne Kohn known as assistant makeup artist
  • Francisco X. Pérez known as makeup co-department head
  • Peter Tothpal known as hair department head

Art Department:

  • Jenn Albaugh known as art department coordinator
  • Timothy Barnhill known as set dresser
  • Kip Bartlett known as on-set dresser
  • Susan Chrysler known as props
  • Cristina Colissimo known as graphic designer
  • Jonathan Curotola known as set dresser
  • Christine l. Dugan known as scenic artist
  • Will Eastin known as graphic designer
  • Shannon Foley-Ignatius known as art department production assistant
  • Dwayne Grady known as property master
  • Megan Greydanus known as graphic designer
  • Jon Griffith known as props
  • Jon Griffith known as set dresser
  • Leyna Haller known as set dresser
  • Timothy Johnson known as set dresser
  • Jennifer Klide known as props assistant
  • Kelleigh Miller known as set dresser
  • Justin Pelissero known as leadman
  • Buster Pile known as construction coordinator
  • Cody Pile known as cnc operator
  • Cody Pile known as toolman
  • Gregory Puchalski known as on-set scenic
  • Jonathan Shaffer known as assistant property master
  • Rachael Weinzimer known as property master: New York
  • Donna Williams known as set dresser
  • Scott B. Wood known as carpenter


Production Companies:

  • Summit Entertainment (presents)
  • OddLot Entertainment (in association with)
  • Montecito Picture Company, The (as Montecito Picture Compay)
  • Lionsgate

Other Companies:

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..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

  • Kathy Chasen-Hay known as visual effects executive
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MPAA: Rated PG-13 on appeal for brief strong language and sexual references (re-rating)


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