Michael (2011)

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  • Rate: 7.2/10 total 416 votes 
  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 15 February 2012 (USA)
  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Gross: $14,306(USA)(11 March 2012)
  • Director: Markus Schleinzer
  • Stars: Michael Fuith, David Rauchenberger and Christine Kain
  • Original Music By: Lorenz Dangel   
  • Soundtrack: Sunny
  • Sound Mix: Dolby
  • Plot Keyword: Pedophile | 10 Year Old | Boy | Pedophilia | Christmas Tree

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Markus Schleinzer 

Known Trivia

    Plot: A drama focused on five months in the life of pedophile who keeps a 10-year-old boy locked in his basement. |  »

    Story: A drama focused on five months in the life of pedophile who keeps a 10-year-old boy locked in his basement.

    {tab=FullCast & Crew}

    Produced By:

    • Nikolaus Geyrhalter known as producer
    • Markus Glaser known as producer
    • Michael Kitzberger known as producer
    • Wolfgang Widerhofer known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Michael Fuith known as Michael
    • David Rauchenberger known as Wolfgang
    • Christine Kain known as Mother
    • Ursula Strauss known as Sister
    • Victor Tremmel known as Brother-in-law
    • Xaver Winkler known as Nephew 1
    • Thomas Pfalzmann known as Nephew 2
    • Gisella Salcher known as Christa (as Gisela Salcher)
    • Isolde Wagner known as Bürokollegin 1
    • Markus Hochholdinger known as Kollege Kantine
    • Susanne Rachler known as Bürokollegin 2
    • David Oberkogler known as Mag. Ehrnsberger
    • Katrin Thurm known as Bürokollegin 3
    • Martin Schwehla known as Bürokollege
    • Olivier Beaurepaire known as Mann Begegnung Tierpark
    • Samy Goldberger known as Knabe Begegnung Tierpark
    • Martina Poel known as Mitfühlende Mutter
    • Mika Sakurai known as Tochter
    • Paul Karall known as Bettnachbar Spital
    • Helga Karall known as Die Frau
    • Gertraud Ball known as Die Tochter
    • Sarah Forstner known as Die Enkelin
    • Alicia Limpahan known as Krankenschwester
    • Selma Hönigschnabl known as Ärztin
    • Ullah Sefat known as Zeitungsverkäufer
    • Gerhard Lutz known as Taxifahrer
    • Hanus Polak Jr. known as Christbaumverkäufer
    • Barbara Willensdorfer known as Martina
    • Jim Holderied known as Martinas Sohn
    • Philipp Stöger known as Kartbahn Knabe 1
    • Niki Guya known as Kartbahn Knabe 2
    • Emrah Dzemailoski known as Kartbahn Knabe 3
    • Samuel Jung known as Knabe Entführungsversuch
    • Markus Schleinzer known as Energischer Vater
    • Firas Azman known as Junger Angestellter
    • Simon Jaritz known as Bernd
    • Florian Eisner known as Markus
    • Margot Vuga known as Kellnerin Tirol
    • Heidi Kastner known as Herself (as Dr. Heidi Kastner)
    • Martin Ehrlich known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Franz Gerstorfer known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Margit Gerstorfer known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Alexander Heine known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Barbara Maria Hutter known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Daniela Janesch known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Gerda Kapeller known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Barbara Kern known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Matthias Kern known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Isabella Kratky known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Barbara-Theres Kugler known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Nikolaus Leischko known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Mar-Phillip Meyer known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Gerald Mjka known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Hubertus Odehnal known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Hilde Petrus known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Elisabeth Pillwein known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Marliese Preuer known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Thomas Pries known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Marion Rosegger known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Petra Rosegger known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Manfred Selinger known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Manuela Spineth known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Margit Stachel known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Elisabeth Thurner known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Brigitte Trink known as Kollegin Beförderungsfeier
    • Matthäus Wagner known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Markus Wolf known as Kollege Beförderungsfeier
    • Hannes Benedetto Pircher known as Pfarrer
    • Heinz Valenta known as Sargträger
    • Gustav Watz known as Sargträger
    • Ines Bandolin known as Trauernde
    • Rudolf Cibulka known as Trauernder
    • Ingeborg Dom known as Trauernde
    • Gerda Drabek known as Trauernde
    • Ilse Freistätter known as Trauernde
    • Josef Geyr known as Trauernder
    • Anni Kritzinger known as Trauernde
    • Gieslinde Moritz known as Trauernde
    • Erich Nautscher known as Trauernder
    • Erika Nautscher known as Trauernde
    • Ferdinand Nemec known as Trauernder
    • Irina Pidgirna known as Trauernde
    • Alfred Schibor known as Trauernder
    • Leo Schmidt known as Trauernder
    • Georg Schück known as Trauernder
    • Alexandra Tsal Tsalko known as Trauernde
    • Ornella Urbanek known as Trauernde
    • Karin Vrana known as Trauernde
    • Walter Wolf known as Trauernder
    • Elfriede Wunsch known as Trauernde
    • Hille Beseler known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Ludwig Kaschke known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Angelika Lang known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Matthias Luhn known as Fernseh – und Radiostimmen (voice) (as Matthias Luehn)
    • Simon Mantei known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Heidi Misof known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Renata Schmidtkunz known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Angela Smigoc known as Fernseh- und Radiostimmen (voice)
    • Henner Winckler known as Fernseh – und Radiostimmen (voice) (as Hendrik Winkler)

    ..{tab=Supporting Department}Art Department:

    • Lena Zedtwitz known as property master: indoor (as Lena Zedtwitz-Liebenstein)


    Production Companies:

    • Nikolaus Geyrhalter Filmproduktion

    Other Companies:

    • LISTO Videofilm  post-production (film recording) (digital cinema mastering)
    • Tremens Tonstudio  sound post-production


    • Fugu-Filmverleih (2012) (Germany) (theatrical)
    • Les Films du Losange (2011) (France) (theatrical)
    • Stadtkino Verleih (2011) (Austria) (theatrical)
    • StraDa Films (2011) (Greece) (theatrical)
    • Strand Releasing (2012) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Wild Bunch Benelux (2011) (Netherlands) (theatrical)
    • CANIBAL networks (2012) (Mexico) (all media)

    ..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

    • Matthias Halibrand known as digital compositor
    • Christoph Hierl known as visual effects producer

    Release Date:

    • France 14 May 2011 (Cannes Film Festival)
    • Russia 25 June 2011 (Moscow Film Festival)
    • France 4 July 2011 (La Rochelle Film Festival)
    • France 8 July 2011 (Paris Cinéma)
    • Poland 22 July 2011 (New Horizons Film Festival)
    • Canada 14 September 2011 (Toronto International Film Festival)
    • Canada 30 September 2011 (Vancouver International Film Festival)
    • Brazil 6 October 2011 (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival)
    • Japan 23 October 2011 (Tokyo International Film Festival)
    • UK 23 October 2011 (BFI London Film Festival)
    • Greece 5 November 2011 (Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
    • France 9 November 2011
    • Netherlands 17 November 2011
    • Greece 15 December 2011
    • Germany 26 January 2012
    • Norway 3 February 2012
    • USA 15 February 2012
    • Ireland 2 March 2012
    • UK 2 March 2012


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