Horsemen (2009)

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  • Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date: 6 February 2009 (Italy)
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Filming Location: Bell Hotel, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Director: Jonas Åkerlund
  • Stars: Dennis Quaid, Ziyi Zhang and Lou Taylor Pucci
  • Original Music By: Jan A.P. Kaczmarek   
  • Soundtrack: Big Bopper
  • Sound Mix: SDDS | Dolby Digital | DTS
  • Plot Keyword: Death | Murder | Orphan | Work Out | Sketch

Writing Credits By:

  • Dave Callaham (written by) (as David Callaham)

Known Trivia

  • Neal McDonough was originally cast as Krupa and shot all of his scenes. After almost a year there were reshoots in Chicago which involved all McDonough’s scenes; he was not available so Chelcie Ross replaced him.
  • Unusually for a Platinum Dunes release, this is not a remake of an existing horror property.
  • Despite significant reshoots, the running time of the DVD is 20 minutes shorter than the original running time.
  • Straight to DVD in the US and UK.
  • Shooting in Winnipeg, Canada, in the middle of winter meant the production frequently encountered temperatures in the region of 40-45 degrees below.
  • The script originally was set in Detroit.
  • Reshoots a year later caused a few unforeseen problems. One of the main ones was that ‘Clifton Collins Jr’ had shaved off all his hair and mustache for another role so he had to wear a wig and a false mustache for his redone scenes.
  • Director Jonas Åkerlund was particularly keen on making the movie as authentic as possible in real locations. Consequently only two sets were built for the film.
  • Jonas Åkerlund’s original plan was to use real devotees of suspension – the S&M practice depicted in the film – as the murder victims. However, he soon encountered all sorts of issues with Health & Safety over the spilling of real human blood (an unavoidable consequence of having hooks pierced into skin) so opted for prosthetics instead.
  • Jonas Åkerlund was sufficiently intrigued by the cult of suspension that he even considered doing it himself, after meeting several devotees of the practice.

Goofs: Continuity: When Aiden confronts Mr. Spitz about the pictures with Kristin, he is holding up a picture with just Kristin in it. The camera changes to Mr. Spitz then back to Aiden in which he is holding up a different picture, however his hands did not move.

Plot: A recently widowed detective still grieving over his wife's death discovers a shocking connection between a serial killing spree and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Full summary »  »

Story: Aidan Breslin is a bitter detective emotionally distanced from his two young sons following the untimely death of his devoted wife. While investigating a series of murders of rare violence, he discovers a terrifying link between a chain of murders and the Biblical prophecies concerning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.Written by anonymous  


Synopsis: The movie opens with an older man and his dog out on a winter morning hunt, when a strange sight catches his eye. A serving tray on a stand in the middle of a frozen lake. He steps up to investigate, but notices the phrases "Come and See" on several trees surrounding the tray. When he lifts the lid, his eyes widen, but his fate is not shown.

Detective Aidan Breslin (Dennis Quaid) is an emotionally detached widower whose life with his two sons have been devoid of personal contact since the death of his beloved wife. He receives a call of a possible murder. He arrives at the lake and is instead asked to identify a man’s teeth, due to his former dental forensics expertise it is as yet undetermined if the man is in fact dead. Using the evidence on the teeth, he is able to determine the sex, race, diet and approximate age of the victim which matches that of a man who had earlier been reported as missing, but they have no evidence to what happened to him, and the only clue were that trees surrounding him reading "Come and See" on the north, south, east and west banks. The bizarre murder of a beloved wife and mother of three (including an adopted Asian daughter Kristin) displays prominent features of a ritualistic killing. She had been strung up on a series of hooks, the bedroom painted red and according to an autopsy report, she had been drowned by her own blood due to a precise stabbing through the lung and heart walls, as well as a bizarre twist that she had been pregnant and the fetus was removed. On the walls of the rooms "Come and See" is displayed prominently on all four walls. Using physical evidence, Breslin is able to determine that there were four attackers, and they used a tripod for a camera to record the murder. Breslin attempts to console the grieving daughters, but is interrupted by the arrival of their father.

Meanwhile, Breslin’s home life finds that though he attempts, his work continually interrupts his chances of attaching emotionally with his sons Alex and Sean. Another murder occurs, with the same M.O. through a man who is hanging in a living room surrounded by black colors. This leads Breslin to a tattoo parlor and finds the builder of the hook rigs who confirms he had constructed four in total. Another murder occurs, but this time in a hotel room with no hook rigging and only three notices of "Come and See" on the walls. Sean’s insights point Breslin to the Bible and he discovers that these killings are much like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the colors of the room corresponding to the colors of the horsemen. "Come and See" goading them toward the lifting of the veil and the coming of the Apocalypse. Kristin contacts him unexpectedly and he goes to meet with her, and console her in her mourning. However during the conversation, she shocks Breslin by presenting her sibling’s fetus and revealing she was involved in the murders. After her arrest, her interrogations make her appear unhinged, almost wanting for death. Breslin assumes that she is the one representing the Horseman of Death, as she approached each of the victims and delivered the killing blow to them.

Alex, growing more and more distant from his father after Breslin insisted not to continue to celebrate their late mother’s birthday every year slowly starts to open himself up to his father. Breslin returns the feelings to his children and attempts to make plans with them, however further reports pull him away. A failed attempt to catch the Horsemen at their home base grants further clues. A website, which Breslin noticed the homepage of before the computer was destroyed, and a partial hard drive recovery which leads them to that website in which a future date is displayed. One boy, Cory, who had come out as gay to his family confronts his homophobic brother Taylor, and turns out to be one of the Horsemen. After stabbing a man, but leaving him alive to provide his description to police and takes Taylor. Taylor awakens to find that he is hooked up into a rack with his eyes fixed open in the middle of a green lit room, as his brother comes out of the darkness and while wielding a bone saw he proceeds to cut himself in the chest and kill himself before Taylor’s eyes while trying to cut his own heart out. The following morning, a traumatized Taylor is questioned by Breslin, who goes over to Kristin’s house and he and his partner Stingray discover the video recordings of her mother’s murder, he then learns that she had been sexually abused by her father, and has him arrested. Breslin’s boss tries to get him onto another case, but he becomes convinced that there is still another pending victim as four rigs had been constructed and only 3 had been used in the 4 recent murders. He approaches Kristin that the third victim was the Horseman Pestilence. The third Horseman identified, she refuses to relinquish who their leader is. He comes to the conclusion that due to the nature of the first murder, he was meant to be assigned to the case all along, and becomes concerned that his family will be targeted next.

Stingray is attacked when investigating the Breslin home at his request, and when Aidan arrives he searches the house, entering his son’s room for the first time since his wife’s passing, only to discover to his horror that everything in the room, floor, ceiling, computer, bed spread are white in color; the color of the Horsemen leader. The clues point him to a theater called the Metropolitan, which had earlier been confirmed to be where Aidan first met his wife. When he arrives, he is knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant, when he comes round he finds himself handcuffed to the stadium seating as he finds his son dangling over the stage on the final of the four rigs. Watching, terrified as Alex starts bleeding to death, gives him a speech regarding to his own emotional detachment after being the only one present when his mother died. As Alex succumbs to his injuries, Breslin rips his handcuffs off the seating and fires his gun to detatch the rigging from the ceiling. Alex awakens weakly as his father holds him, but it is undetermined if he survives. In the final scene, Sean wakes up from a bad dream as his father comforts him quietly. When he asks where Alex is, Breslin replies: "Don’t you worry about Alex. Alex is going to be okay." In the director’s commentary, however, Jonas Akerlund stated," There is no happy ending, however you twist and turn it. There is no happy ending so, to me, Alex had to die in this movie."

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Produced By:

  • Michael Bay known as producer
  • Nicole Brown known as co-producer
  • Joseph Drake known as executive producer (as Joe Drake)
  • Ted Field known as executive producer
  • Andrew Form known as producer
  • Bradley Fuller known as producer (as Brad Fuller)
  • Nathan Kahane known as executive producer
  • Kelli Konop known as co-producer
  • Joe Rosenberg known as executive producer
  • Jeremiah Samuels known as co-producer
  • Mike Weber known as co-producer
  • Vitaliy Versace known as associate producer (uncredited)

FullCast & Crew:

  • Dennis Quaid known as Aidan Breslin
  • Ziyi Zhang known as Kristin
  • Lou Taylor Pucci known as Alex Breslin
  • Clifton Collins Jr. known as Stingray
  • Barry Shabaka Henley known as Tuck
  • Patrick Fugit known as Corey
  • Eric Balfour known as Taylor
  • Paul Dooley known as Father Whiteleather
  • Thomas Mitchell known as Thug
  • Liam James known as Sean Breslin
  • Chelcie Ross known as Police Chief Krupa
  • Manfred Maretzki known as Bob
  • Arne MacPherson known as Navratil
  • David Dastmalchian known as Terrence
  • Peter Stormare known as David Spitz
  • Darren Felbel known as Control Room Guy
  • Mel Stocking known as Old Man with Dog
  • Aaron Hughes known as Young Officer
  • Stephen Eric McIntyre known as Banksy
  • Joanne Rodriguez known as Metal Face
  • Carly Marentette known as Teresa Spitz
  • Natasha Kuzyk known as Angie Spitz
  • John Callander known as Officer
  • Darren Wall known as Random Officer
  • Omar Khan known as Officer Booker
  • Kevin Power known as Gregor
  • Brenda Gorlick known as Lee Shoemaker
  • Onalee Ames known as Mary Anne Spitz
  • Deborah Odell known as Ms. Bradshaw
  • Carey Smith known as Uniformed Officer
  • Shailee Ferguson known as Rose The Babysitter
  • Neal McDonough known as Police Cheif Krupa (scenes deleted)
  • Maritza Cabrera known as Police Station Secretary (uncredited)
  • Daryl Dorge known as Garrison Jacobs (uncredited)
  • Kinga Rylend known as Whitney Jacobs (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Jaremy Aiello known as special makeup effects painter and sculptor
  • Howard Berger known as special makeup effects artist
  • Ron Berkeley known as key makeup artist
  • Ron Berkeley known as key makeup artist: additional photography
  • Michael Deak known as special makeup effects shop supervisor (as Mike Deak)
  • Jake Garber known as on-set special makeup effects application
  • Jake Garber known as special effects makeup artist: additional photography
  • Steve Katz known as special makeup effects foam
  • Jackie Kolompar known as assistant special makeup effects project coordinator
  • Derek Krout known as special makeup effects foam
  • James Leonartd known as special makeup effects mold maker
  • Aimee Lippert-Bastian known as makeup artist: additional photography (as Aimee Lippert)
  • Jennifer Machnee known as first assistant makeup artist
  • Ross Martucci known as assistant special effects makeup artist: additional photography
  • Doug Morrow known as first assistant special effects makeup artist
  • Kelly Nelson known as key hair stylist
  • Kelly Nelson known as key hair stylist: additional photography
  • Gregory Nicotero known as special makeup effects artist (as Greg Nicotero)
  • Linda Rizzuto known as hair stylist: additional photography
  • Pina Robinson known as first assistant hair stylist
  • Andy Schoneberg known as special makeup effects painter and sculptor
  • Shannon Shea known as special makeup effects shop supervisor
  • Veronica Torres known as special makeup effects project coordinator
  • A.J. Venuto known as special makeup effects foam (as A J Venuto)
  • Lindsay Vivian known as special makeup effects buyer
  • Nina Kvaternik known as makeup artist (uncredited)

Art Department:

  • Aaron Anderson known as assistant set decorator
  • William Baker known as paint foreman
  • Anthony Barracca known as leadman: additional photography (as Tony Barracca)
  • Lindsey Bart known as lead set dresser
  • Ryan Berzuk known as assistant property master
  • Owen Bird known as on-set dresser
  • Lloyd Brandson known as key scenic artist
  • Nick Burns known as storyboard artist (as Nicholas Burns)
  • Michael L. Butkovich known as painter: additional photography
  • Sandy Cochrane known as production designer: additional photography
  • Bruce Cook known as carpenter
  • Frank D. Dambra known as head painter: additional photography
  • Charles W. DelGreco known as swing gang: additional photography (as Chuck Delgreco)
  • Tanja Deshida known as set decorator: additional photogrphy
  • Olaf Dux known as construction coordinator
  • Tom Gagnon known as gang boss: additional photography
  • Michael D. Gianneschi known as property master: additional photography (as Michael Gianneschi)
  • Joeseph H. Gilmartin known as carpenter: additional photography
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  • Charles Gustafson known as scenic artist
  • Gary Happ known as carpenter: additional photography
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  • Aaron C. Holden Jr. known as property master: additional photography
  • Kyle Holden known as swing gang: additional photography
  • Scott Hopper known as set dresser
  • Simon Hughes known as on-set painter
  • Craig Jackson known as set designer: additional photography
  • Michael Jansen known as lead carpenter (as Mike Jansen)
  • Jason Kenett known as art department assistant (as Jason Kennett)
  • John P. Kenny III known as carpenter: additional photography
  • Debbie Kuzina known as set buyer (as Deborah Kuzina)
  • Robert K. Laurie known as set dresser
  • Duncan Lennox known as scenic artist
  • Jeffrey Lesage known as storyboard artist (as Jeff Lesage)
  • Shawn Linden known as props buyer
  • Mike Monckton known as paint foreman: additional photography (as Michael R. Monckton)
  • Matthew J. Norskog known as swing gang: additional photography (as Matt Norskog)
  • Troy Osman known as construction foreman: additional photography
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  • Robert Potter known as carpenter
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  • Marquee Reno known as art department buyer: additional photography
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  • Larry Spittle known as assistant art director
  • Mark Stratton known as property master
  • James A. Suhajda known as painter: additional photography
  • Larry Szymanowski known as stand-by painter: additional photography
  • Bret August Tanzer known as art department coordinator: additional photography (as Bret Tanzer)
  • Fred Thomas known as scenic artist
  • Juan Vela known as swing gang: additional photography
  • Robert Williams known as carpenter
  • Glen Zielke known as head carpenter
  • Daryl Ziemke known as gang boss: additional photography
  • Ricardo Alms known as set designer (uncredited)
  • Gary Barringer known as graphic artist (uncredited)
  • John Fox known as lead storyboard artist (uncredited)
  • Alexis Labra known as props (uncredited)


Production Companies:

  • Mandate Pictures (presents)
  • Platinum Dunes
  • Radar Pictures

Other Companies:

  • All Season's Catering  catering (as A;; Seasons Catering)
  • Business Affairs  production legal
  • Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  camera dollies
  • Chef Market 520  catering (as Market 520)
  • Company 3  digital intermediate
  • DeWitt Stern Group  insurance services
  • Dub Stage, The  sound post-production
  • ExtraOrdinary Casting  extras casting: Chicago, additional photography
  • Film Finances  completion guarantor
  • Final Word, The  loop group
  • Hat Trick Catering  catering: additional photography
  • Marshall/Plumb Research Associates  script clearance research
  • Martin Sound Studio  score re-recorded and mixed at (as MartinSound Studio)
  • Natixis Coficiné  production financing provided by (as Natixis)
  • Newbridge Film Capital  funding
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  • Pictorvision  aerial camera system
  • Rockbottom Rentals  cell phone rentals
  • Subtext Studios  titles designed by (as Subtext Studio)
  • Tenner Paskal & Rudnicke Casting  casting: Chicago, additional photography
  • Wyman & Isaacs  production legal


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  • Concorde Filmverleih (2009) (Germany) (theatrical)
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Special Effects:

  • K.N.B. Effects Group (special makeup effects) (as K.N.B. EFX Group)
  • Company 3 (visual effects)
  • E3 Media (additional visual effects)

Visual Effects by:

  • R. Edward Black known as visual effects artist: Company 3 (as Edward Black)
  • Des Carey known as visual effects supervisor: Company 3
  • Moises Cruz known as digital intermediate dailies producer: Company 3
  • Jaime Fortuno-Lavin known as visual effects artist: Company 3 (as Jaime Fortuno)
  • Gavin Miljkovich known as visual effects artist: Company 3
  • Bob Minshall known as visual effects artist: Company 3
  • David Neuberger known as visual effects artist: Company 3 (as Dave Neuberger)
  • Missy Papageorge known as visual effects producer: Company 3
  • Alex Romano known as visual effects artist: Company 3
  • Stefan Sonnenfeld known as visual effects executive producer: Company 3
  • Doug Spilatro known as visual effects artist: Company 3
  • Benjamin H. Bernard known as visual effects artist (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • France 14 May 2008 (Cannes Film Market)
  • Italy 6 February 2009
  • USA 6 March 2009 (limited)
  • Germany 7 March 2009 (Berlin Fantasy Filmfest Nights)
  • Turkey 20 March 2009
  • United Arab Emirates 20 March 2009
  • France 1 April 2009
  • Taiwan 17 April 2009
  • Hong Kong 23 April 2009
  • Singapore 30 April 2009
  • Thailand 7 May 2009
  • Czech Republic 18 May 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Greece 18 June 2009
  • USA 7 July 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Poland 10 July 2009
  • Germany 27 August 2009
  • Austria 28 August 2009
  • Philippines 23 September 2009
  • Argentina 21 October 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Iceland 23 October 2009
  • Japan 24 October 2009
  • UK 30 October 2009
  • Lithuania 13 November 2009
  • Hungary 8 December 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Netherlands 15 December 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Finland 14 April 2010 (DVD premiere)

MPAA: Rated R for grisly and disturbing content, some sexual images and language


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