Dying Breed (2008)

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  • IMDb page: Dying Breed (2008)
  • Rate: 5.4/10 total 2,340 votes 
  • Genre: Horror | Thriller
  • Release Date: 6 November 2008 (Australia)
  • Runtime: 92 min
  • Filming Location: Dandenong Ranges National Park, Victoria, Australia
  • Budget: AUD 3,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: AUD 525,384(Australia)(30 November 2008)
  • Director: Jody Dwyer
  • Stars: Nathan Phillips, Leigh Whannell and Bille Brown
  • Original Music By: Nerida Tyson-Chew   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Tiger | Tasmania | Cannibalism | Forest | Australia

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Michael Boughen  screenplay
  • Jody Dwyer  screenplay
  • Rod Morris  writer

Known Trivia

  • During the first seconds of the end credits just 1 or 2 frames show what Pieman’s Pie really is made of.
  • This film is considered an Ozploitation picture, an Australian exploitation movie.
  • Premiered at the 2008 Tribecca Film Festival.

Goofs: Continuity: When Rebecca gets killed, the killer rolls her head over, and we see her eyes are open. When the killer leans in to eat her lips, however, they are closed.

Plot: Dying Breed interweaves the two most fascinating icons of Tasmanian history: the extinct Tasmanian tiger… See more »  »

Story: Dying Breed interweaves the two most fascinating icons of Tasmanian history: the extinct Tasmanian tiger and "The Pieman" (aka Alexander Pearce) who was hanged for cannibalism in 1824. Against all odds, Pearce escaped from the most feared penal settlement of the British Empire – Sarah Island – and disappeared into the impenetrable forests of Western Tasmania. Seven convicts escaped with him, yet Pearce was the only one that emerged… along with chunks of human flesh in his pockets. The legend of Pearce was born. An extinct species… a long forgotten legend… both had a desperate need to survive; both could now have living descendants within the Tasmanian bush. Many sightings of the tiger have been reported. Many hikers have gone missing. Hundreds in fact. Zoologist Nina is convinced there are still tigers remaining in the Tasmanian wilderness, and she has proof – a photograph…Written by Jody Dwyer  


Synopsis: Tasmania, Australia—one of the world’s most isolated islands. It is rumored that, deep within the wilderness, an ancient species known as the Tasmanian Tiger is alive and breeding. Yet, modern science refuses to believe such a creature now exists, since no witnesses have ever been able to prove it. That is, until zoology student Nina (Mirrah Foulkes), claims she can breach Tasmania’s impenetrable forests and confirm the tigers’ existence. Driving Nina’s quest is one critical piece of proof: a photo of a paw print taken by her sister just before she met with a fatal accident eight years before.

In the early 19th century, the murderous convict Alexander Pearce (aka "The Pieman") had broken out of prison twice, and each time he had killed and eaten his fellow escapees. But what Nina doesn’t know is that, before he was hung for cannibalism in 1824, he’d spawned a blood line who inherited his taste for human flesh. Soon, Nina and her friends discover that in the wild, as one species may have died out, another has thrived—in the form of the Pieman’s descendants. When she sets out with her partner, Matt (Leigh Whannell), his old mate, Jack (Nathan Phillips), and his girlfriend, Rebecca (Melanie Vallejo), their little expedition encounters the island’s reigning breed, but one who stands on two legs, not four. The Pieman clan has survived, and their need to feed and breed turns Nina, Matt, Jack and Rebecca into this island’s next endangered species.

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Produced By:

  • Michael Boughen known as producer
  • Christopher Mapp known as executive producer
  • Rod Morris known as producer
  • Matthew Street known as executive producer
  • David Whealy known as executive producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Nathan Phillips known as Jack
  • Leigh Whannell known as Matt
  • Bille Brown known as Harvey / Rowan
  • Mirrah Foulkes known as Nina
  • Melanie Vallejo known as Rebecca
  • Ken Radley known as Liam
  • Elaine Hudson known as Ethel
  • Sheridan Harvey known as Katie
  • Peter Docker known as Alexander Pierce
  • Boris Brkic known as Sgt. Symons
  • Phillip McInnes known as Guard #1
  • Ian 'Paddy' McIvor known as Guard #2 (as Paddy McIvor)
  • James Portanier known as Guard #3
  • Sally McDonald known as Ruth
  • Peter Finlay known as Hunter #1
  • Christopher Stevenson known as Hunter #2
  • Ian Scott known as University Professor
  • Des Fleming known as Colleague #1
  • Michelle Jones known as Colleague #2
  • Pamela Achesonharding known as Woman in Window
  • Brendan Donoghue known as Gareth
  • Reg Evans known as Alfred
  • Dylan Lloyd known as Troopers Drinker #1
  • Tim Harris known as Troopers Drinker #2
  • Andy Poulter known as Troopers Drinker #3
  • Greg Parker known as Older Policeman
  • Tim Stitz known as Younger Policeman
  • Steven Haar known as Mechanic

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Nick Kocsis known as assistant makeup effects technician
  • Paul Pattison known as makeup department head

Art Department:

  • Anna McEwan known as set dresser
  • Ben Walker known as standby props


Production Companies:

  • Ambience Entertainment

Other Companies:

  • Buzz Factory, The  promotions
  • Showfilm  travel agent
  • Studios 301  music recorded and mixed at
  • Videocraft  camera equipment provided by (HD cameras and accessories)


  • Hoyts Distribution (2008) (Australia) (theatrical)
  • After Dark Films (2009) (USA) (all media)
  • Lionsgate (2009) (USA) (DVD)
  • Omnilab Media (2008) (worldwide) (all media)
  • Splendid Film (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD)
  • Splendid Film (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)
  • Versus Entertainment (2009) (Spain) (all media)

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Special Effects:

  • Digital Pictures Iloura
  • Iloura (visual effects)
  • LaB Sydney, The

Visual Effects by:

  • Julia Egerton known as digital compositor: Iloura
  • Alan Fairlie known as digital compositor: Iloura
  • Soren Jensen known as visual effects supervisor
  • Ineke Majoor known as visual effects producer: Iloura
  • Brett Morris known as visual effects
  • Matthew Pascuzzi known as digital compositor
  • Bertrand Polivka known as digital compositor
  • Peter Webb known as digital compositor: Iloura

Release Date:

  • USA 26 April 2008 (Tribeca Film Festival)
  • Canada 22 July 2008 (Fantasia Film Festival)
  • Australia 6 November 2008
  • USA 9 January 2009 (After Dark Horrorfest)
  • USA 31 March 2009 (DVD premiere)
  • Netherlands 19 May 2009 (DVD premiere)

MPAA: Rated R for bloody violent content, language and some sexuality


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