Dostana (2008)

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  • IMDb page: Dostana (2008)
  • Rate: 6.4/10 total 3,789 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance
  • Release Date: 13 November 2008 (Kuwait)
  • Runtime: 145 min
  • Filming Location: Miami, Florida, USA
  • Budget: $5,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $1,235,028(USA)(7 December 2008)
  • Director: Tarun Mansukhani
  • Stars: Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra
  • Original Music By: Vishal Dadlani  (as Vishal and Shekhar) Shekhar Ravjiani  (as Shekhar) 
  • Soundtrack: Shut Up & Bounce
  • Sound Mix: DTS | Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Gay | Boss | Apartment | Gay Couple | Photographer

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Anvita Dutt Guptan  dialogue script
  • Tarun Mansukhani  first story

Known Trivia

  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was originally offered the role of Neha, but she refused because she felt that her real-life marriage to Abhishek Bachchan would ruin the whole idea of the movie.
  • The film originally featured a song, ‘What the F**k’, but the Censor Board of India wouldn’t allow the film to be given an U-certificate (equivalent to ‘PG’), but an A-certificate (equivalent to ‘R’). Therefore wherever the song had the F-word, it was over-toned by a ‘scratching of discs’ sound, and the film finally got a U/A-certificate.
  • The first film in India, whose main plot is based on gay relationships. Before that homosexuality was shown only in a comic sense, mostly with double entendres. The first (and till now only) film in India which took homosexuality seriously was Girlfriend, based on lesbian relationships.
  • Saif Ali Khan was initially offered the role of Kunal; but he rejected it, because he felt that he would be sidelined by Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan(who was originally in talks for the lead role) due to their popular marriage.
  • In 2005 while shooting Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Abhishek Bachchan was actually offered the role of Kunal while Saif Ali Khan was meant to play Sam when director Tarun Mansukhani first had the concept for the film. However, Saif declined and was replaced by John Abraham. After seeing the potential in John, Tarun then decided that it would be a better choice to have John play Kunal and Abhishek to play Sameer.
  • When a sequel to the film was discussed after its release, Abhishek Bachchan was very strongly opposed to the idea. He believed that the film was fine standing on its own and should not be turned into a franchise. However, after reading the script, he admitted that he was sold.

Plot: Kunal and Sameer, two straight guys who pretend to be a gay couple to secure an posh Miami apartment, but both of them fall for their gorgeous room-mate Neha, hilarity ensures as they strive to convince one and all they are gay! While secretly trying to win Neha's heart. Full summary »  »

Story: After the passing of her parents, Neha Melwani lives in Miami with her aunt. She rents out a room in her apartment to two seemingly gay Indian men, Kunal Chauhan and Sameer Acharya, a photographer and nurser respectively. She introduces them to her departing gay boss, Murli, and falls in love with her new boss, Abhimanyu Singh. She will soon realize that she has two rivals for her new love – none other than Kunal and Sameer.Written by rAjOo (  


Synopsis: Dostana is a story about two guys, Sameer Acharya (Abhishek Bachchan) who is a doctor and Kunal Chauhan (John Abraham), a photographer. They bumped into each other while looking for an agreement to rent, and confusion headed towards the same bungalow. However, they were both thrown out because the owner wants to re-rent the apartment to girls only, since niece, Neha Melwani (Priyanka Chopra) stays in second apartment alone. Sameer gets the idea (when a US Soldier, who is a gay, tells them about missing his life partner) that if Kunal and he pretend to be gay lovers, then the owner will agree to let them stay. Kunal initially refuses, but agrees out of desperation. Their plan works and they move in. Over a period of time Neha, Kunal, and Sameer become good friends, hanging out together and developing a good relationship as housemates.

One day Neha’s boss ‘M’, short for Murli (Boman Irani) announces that he is resigning from his job as the editor of the magazine called ‘Verve’ and will also decide who should take his position. In order to impress her editor and get the job, Neha invites ‘M’ for dinner at her house telling him that she will introduce him to her gay friends. The evening turns out to be a comedy one. But Sameer’s mother finds out that her son might be gay and is not pleased. Next day at Neha’s office M announces that Abhimanyu Singh (Bobby Deol) will be the new editor. Neha, heartbroken returns home where she is consoled by Sameer’s mother. Kunal and Sameer, then help Neha with her on a film project, given to her by Abhimanyu.

While Kunal is out of the film for a few days, Sameer takes Neha to supporting role, and they share a film. Later, at a shop, Sameer tries to tell Neha that he acts her in second scene and that he’s straight through a fitting room door, but it turns out Kunal was behind that door and heard everything . Murli becomes angry with Sameer and states that he also marry him. As they try to figure out what to do be gay, Kunal suggests that they should both take Neha out to this great palace called Tajmahal that he knows (Neha’s Birthday being the next day). Kunal to catch Sameer the address of the "place", which is actually a dance bar. Meanwhile, he and Neha enjoy eating popcorn and see movie at a cinema. Sameer comes to know of this and furiously punch Kunal in the body. Then, Abhi asked her (Mr Abhi) to take them to where they were going and that they could meet up there and so she did. In a party while the trio are enjoying, Abhi re-enters and sweeps Neha to take her out. Then Kunal and Sameer decide to take him off Neha together. They tell Abhimanyu to do ridiculous things in order to take Neha (like asking him to wax his chest hair and wear ridiculous clothes), but their plan unable to work. They then set their love on Abhimanyu’s son Veer. They try to make Veer hate Neha. The next day, Neha comes to know that Abhi is going to propose to her at the basketball stadium they will be not attending . At halftime, Neha goes to see Kunal and Sameer, and asks them what she should do as she had no memory about marriage yet. Both of them ask her marry his brother and reveal that they are not gay and are in not love. Meanwhile Veer tells Abhimanyu of his fears and cries saying that he doesn’t want him to marry Neha. As Neha tearfully turns out of Kunal and Sameer, Abhimanyu hugs her and tells her that they can’t be together as Veer isn’t comfortable with that.

Later, Kunal and Sameer go to the court to collect their resident permits and realize that they miss Neha, so they go to get her at an office that she is attending. They tried explaining to her but she refuses to see and then Abhimanyu walked away. Kunal asks when they are going to get married and Neha tells him that they broke up because Veer Singh wasn’t comfortable with her. They both tell them the truth that they were the ones who made Veer Singh hate Neha and Abhimanyu and Neha furiously try to leave the place. But the guys told the securities to stop them and got on to the stage and told the crowd their story and asked them tell Neha to grant forgiveness. The crowd begs them to do stuff like get on the knees and beg to Neha and give a flying kiss to Neha, when one of them asks them to kiss each other . The guys adamantly refuse to do it when Abhimanyu says that since they are very founded gay, it is the only way they can be forgets. Kunal refuses to do it but Sameer convinces him and tries to kiss him, but loses his nerve at the last moment. As Kunal sees Neha and Abhimanyu starting to leave second apartment,Kunal forcibly kisses Sameer. Abhimanyu is amazed, and tells Neha that the guys were really her best friends, as he wouldn’t even done that, not even for her. Neha goes to them and they make up. Then Kunal and Sameer got on their knee pain and asked Abhi to marry their best friend Neha, and he said that he will. After two months Neha,Kunal,Sameer,Abhimanyu are sitting on their first apartment balcony and Neha asks them if they ever had any love for each other during the time they were pretending to be gay. They vehemently deny it and Neha walks out of the scene. Sameer and Kunal look at each other and remember their disastrous kiss, and walk out the new apartment.

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{tab=FullCast & Crew}

Produced By:

  • Hiroo Johar known as producer
  • Karan Johar known as producer
  • Apoorva Mehta known as associate producer
  • Manoj Mittra known as executive producer
  • Prashant Shah known as line producer

FullCast & Crew:

  • Abhishek Bachchan known as Sameer 'Sam' Acharya
  • John Abraham known as Kunal Chauhan
  • Priyanka Chopra known as Neha Melwani
  • Kiron Kher known as Mrs. Acharya
  • Bobby Deol known as Abhimanyu 'Abhi' Singh
  • Boman Irani known as Murli 'M'
  • Sushmita Mukherjee known as Ms. Melwani
  • Eduardo M. Freyre known as Paul McCartney
  • Everlayn Borges known as Model
  • Anthony Correa known as Fan
  • Monika Gaba known as Anaita
  • Harry Key known as Auctioneer
  • Harrison Myles known as Kunal's Imposter
  • Shilpa Shetty known as Item Girl (singing voice)
  • Thomas Tevana known as Salim Khan
  • Ana Villafañe known as Runway Model
  • Paul Aldane'e known as Model Agent (uncredited)
  • Robert Paget known as Family Man (uncredited)
  • Mollie Rose known as Miami Socialite (uncredited)
  • Chris Shaw known as Shopper (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

  • Rory Lee known as key makeup artist: Miami
  • Alexis Renny known as assistant makeup artist: Miami

Art Department:

  • Billy Bamman known as art assistant
  • Matthew Boda known as art crew
  • Kabir Chowdhry known as assistant art director
  • Evan Eastham known as art crew
  • Anthony Espinosa known as art assistant
  • Rachel Marie Ferrell known as art crew
  • Kim Foehringer known as art buyer
  • Kim Foehringer known as art department coordinator
  • Kim Foehringer known as set designer
  • Jp Gutierrez known as property master
  • Jose Luis known as art department coordinator
  • Jose Luis known as set builder
  • Jeremy Paulin known as art crew
  • Mohammed Kasam Sayyad known as assistant art director
  • Federico Wood known as assistant art director


Production Companies:

  • Dharma Productions (as Karma Production # 9)

Other Companies:

  • Bollywood Hollywood Production  line production
  • Continental Film and Video Laboratories  post-production facilities

..{tab=Other Stuff}

Special Effects:

  • Confetti & Fog FX
  • Redchillies.VFX

Visual Effects by:

  • Tushar Anchan known as CG artist
  • Supriya Avate known as visual effects artist
  • Prakash Bhoir known as digital compositor
  • Prince Chaurasia known as visual effects coordinator
  • Murad Currawalla known as compositor
  • Murad Currawalla known as digital compositor
  • Vikrant Dalal known as visual effects artist
  • Haresh Hingorani known as visual effects production director
  • Haresh Hingorani known as visual effects supervisor
  • Narendra Joiya known as 3d artist
  • Manish Khatiwada known as digital compositor
  • Sagar Kudle known as modeller
  • Arjun Mitra known as visual effects supervisor
  • Siddhartha S. Mondal known as compositor
  • Sasmit Ranadive known as 3d artist
  • Varsha Ranu known as roto artist: Red Chillies.vfx
  • Sai Krishna Rimmalapudi known as digital compositor
  • Vishal Shah known as team leader: Redchillies.VFX
  • Amjad Shaikh known as team lead
  • Sarfaraaz Shaikh known as 3d artist
  • Anurag Utsav known as visual effects artist
  • Jayesh K. Vaishnav known as digital compositor
  • Akshay Vichare known as lighting artist
  • Keitan Yadav known as visual effects producer
  • Keitan Yadav known as visual effects supervisor
  • Snehal Kumar Mohapatra known as digital compositor (uncredited)

Release Date:

  • Kuwait 13 November 2008
  • Netherlands 13 November 2008
  • France 14 November 2008 (limited)
  • India 14 November 2008
  • Ireland 14 November 2008
  • Pakistan 14 November 2008
  • USA 14 November 2008 (limited)
  • Italy 31 July 2010 (TV premiere)
  • Germany 6 August 2010 (DVD premiere)


Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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