Bart Got a Room (2008)

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  • Rate: 5.8/10 total 3,031 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Runtime: USA:80 min
  • Filming Location: Hollywood, Florida, USA
  • Budget: $2,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $53,760(USA)(19 April 2009)
  • Director: Brian Hecker
  • Stars: Steven Kaplan, William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines
  • Original Music By: Jamie Lawrence   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Prom | Best Friend | High School Dance | Bar Mitzvah | Hooker

Writing Credits By:

  • Brian Hecker (written by)

Known Trivia

    Goofs: Crew or equipment visible: During the final dance scene at the Bar Mitzvah a boom mic operator is visible in the background.

    Plot: While Danny's father and mother independently search for love, Danny is on his own desperate quest to find a prom date. Danny's search becomes progressively more pathetic once he and his family learn that Bart, the school's biggest dweeb, not only secured a date for the prom, but got a hotel room as well. Full summary »  »

    Story: Danny Stein is a high-school senior and class vice president; he's in charge of the prom, along with Camille, his best friend for years. Everyone including Camille and her parents assumes that Danny will ask her to the prom, but he wants something less platonic and more romantic – more memorable. His choices include the sophomore cheerleader he drives to school, a friend of a friend, and a quiet Chinese girl in his classes. With his parents' help (they're going through a divorce), he gets the tickets, rents a tux, reserves a limo, and, over his mother's objections, gets a room at the prom-site hotel. This, everyone believes, is the way to establish memories. Will anything work out?Written by <>  


    Synopsis: Bart Got a Room isnt the first movie comedy about nerds, high school, and the senior prom, and it undoubtedly wont be the last. It may not be the best, either, but writer-director Brian Heckers 2008 concoction has enough laughs, charm, amusingly-drawn characters, and winning performances to more than hold its own. For Danny Stein (Steven J. Kaplan), a high school student in Hollywood, Florida, the imminence of the prom is the source of considerable distress; even more distressing is the prospect of booking of a hotel room for himself and his date at the end of the evening. Problem is, Danny (whos a bit of a schlub, but far from a total, like, loser), doesnt have a date yet. The obvious choice is his best friend Camille (Alia Shawkat), whos available and clearly interested, but Danny thinks he can do better–say, with Alice (Ashley Benson), the sophomore hottie who drives to school with him every day. Wrong. As the days, then the hours, dwindle down, Danny, whose parents separation is an added distraction (William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines are perfect as Ernie, whos looking for love on the internet, and Beth, who has a new beau), realizes hes in big trouble, not least because even the titular Bart–a geek so geeky he makes Danny look like Tom Cruise–already has the room thing covered. All of this plays out in ways that are neither surprising nor especially hilarious, but the movie has heart, not to mention a number of cute, quirky scenes (many involving Dannys well-intentioned, but mostly clueless, family). Movies like Bart Got a Room arent really about the destination, anyway; theyre about the journey, and this ones a fun ride. [D-Man2010]

    Nerdy high school senior Danny has spent six hundred bucks on the hotel room, the limo and the tux for his prom. He’s only missing one thing – the girl. Hampered by well intentioned but clueless advice from his newly divorced parents and unsympathetic mocking from his best friends, Danny battles peer pressure, teen angst and his own raging hormones as he desperately searches for a prom date. Danny’s luckless quest turns to panic when he learns that even Bart – the school’s biggest dweeb – has secured not only a date but also a hotel room for the night. [D-Man2010]

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    Produced By:

    • Carina Alves known as associate producer
    • Stephen Benedek known as executive producer
    • Dina Burke known as executive producer
    • Frank DeMartini known as co-producer
    • Mario Fallone known as executive producer
    • Ed Hart known as producer
    • Pamela Hirsch known as executive producer
    • Michael LaFetra known as executive producer
    • Bruce Lunsford known as executive producer
    • Riva Marker known as co-producer
    • Galt Niederhoffer known as producer
    • Peter Pastorelli known as line producer
    • Celine Rattray known as producer
    • Brenda Galilee Rhodes known as executive producer (as Brenda Rhodes)
    • Tony Shawkat known as producer
    • Reagan Silber known as executive producer
    • Randy Simon known as executive producer
    • Jai Stefan known as producer
    • Daniela Taplin Lundberg known as producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Steven Kaplan known as Danny (as Steven J. Kaplan)
    • William H. Macy known as Ernie
    • Cheryl Hines known as Beth
    • Alia Shawkat known as Camille
    • Ashley Benson known as Alice
    • Brandon Hardesty known as Craig
    • Kate Micucci known as Abby
    • Jon Polito known as Bob
    • Jennifer Tilly known as Melinda
    • Dinah Manoff known as Mrs. Goodson
    • Michael Mantell known as Dr. Goodson
    • Chad Jamian Williams known as Bart
    • Angelina Assereto known as Marcie
    • Lynna Baculo known as Bart's Date
    • Mike Benitez known as Chauffer
    • Ashley Bissing known as Prom makeout girl
    • Carrie Drazek known as Dianne
    • Marshall B. Gage known as Mr. Carr (as Marshall Gage)
    • Elena Maria Garcia known as Ms. Fine
    • Kate Karpinski known as Hotel Clerk
    • Katie McClellan known as Gertie (as Kate McClellan)
    • Margot Moreland known as Mrs. Hogan
    • Tyler O'Campo known as Brittany
    • Brett Weiss known as Danny (at 10)
    • Brittney Winton known as Debbie
    • Jean-Paul Chreky known as Makeout kissing Student (uncredited)
    • Steve Cohen known as Businessman (uncredited)
    • Estefania Crespo known as Makeout kissing Student (uncredited)
    • Sam E. Goldberg known as Ice Cream Customer (uncredited)
    • Katie Rotolo known as Kissing couple (uncredited)
    • Elijah Searle known as Extra – couple kissing in hotel hallway (uncredited)
    • Omar Torres known as Extra (uncredited)

    ..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

    • Carol F. Doran known as wig designer and maker
    • Dolly Hernandez known as key makeup artist
    • Carol Raskin known as key hair stylist
    • Carol Ann Rebecca known as hair stylist (as Carol Rebecca)

    Art Department:

    • Lynna Baculo known as assistant to production designer
    • Robert Crowley known as leadman
    • Michael J. Flynn known as set dresser
    • Charles Guanci Jr. known as prop master
    • Herb Silverman known as art department coordinator


    Production Companies:

    • Basra Entertainment
    • Plum Pictures (presents)
    • SHRINK Media Inc. (in association with) (presents)
    • Benedek Films (in association with) (presents)
    • Hart-Lunsford Pictures (in association with) (presents)
    • Foundation Films

    Other Companies:

    • Breaktime  catering
    • Cineworks Digital Studios  digital video dailies
    • Cutting Edge Group  music services
    • Edgework  titles
    • Film Source  purchased unused film stock
    • Final Frame  editorial services
    • IndieClear  script clearance
    • Indiepay  financial services
    • Indiepay  payroll provided by
    • Leward Camera Systems  cranes (as Leeward Camera Systems)
    • Lightnin' Production Rentals  transportation equipment
    • Lori Wyman Casting  extras casting
    • Numb Robot  Post Production Facilities
    • Sonic Magic  adr recording
    • Sound One  sound post-production
    • Trade Audio Visual  walkies


    • Anchor Bay Entertainment (2009) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Anchor Bay Entertainment (2009) (USA) (DVD)
    • Eagle Films (2008) (non-USA) (all media) (Middle East)

    ..{tab=Other Stuff}Visual Effects by:

    • John Bair known as visual effects designer
    • Bridget Carroll known as visual effects producer

    Release Date:

    • USA 25 April 2008 (Tribeca Film Festival)
    • USA 12 June 2008 (Maui Film Festival)
    • USA 14 June 2008 (Waterfront Film Festival)
    • USA 23 June 2008 (Gen Art Film Festival)
    • Norway 20 August 2008 (Haugesund International Film Festival)
    • Canada 27 September 2008 (Calgary Film Festival)
    • USA 17 October 2008 (Austin Film Festival)
    • USA 25 October 2008 (Williamstown Film Festival)
    • USA 7 November 2008 (Asheville Film Festival)
    • USA 9 November 2008 (Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival)
    • USA 15 December 2008 (Anchorage International Film Festival)
    • USA 25 January 2009 (Atlanta Jewish Film Festival)
    • Germany 8 February 2009 (European Film Market)
    • UK 16 February 2009 (Glasgow Film Festival)
    • USA 3 April 2009 (limited)
    • Canada 25 April 2009 (Toronto Jewish Film Festival)
    • Canada 1 May 2009 (limited)
    • USA 28 July 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Hungary 30 January 2010 (DVD premiere)

    MPAA: Rated PG-13 for sexual content, thematic elements and brief strong language


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