Bar Starz (2008)

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  • Rate: 2.4/10 total 93 votes 
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Filming Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Budget: $7,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $11,600(USA)
  • Director: Michael Pietrzak
  • Stars: Derek Waters, Charlie Finn and Jana Kramer
  • Original Music By: Joseph LoDuca   
  • Plot Keyword: Club | Beautiful Woman

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Peter Castanik  writer
  • Marc James  writer

Known Trivia

    Plot: The adventures of some seriously odd club denizens.  »

    Story: The adventures of some seriously odd club denizens.


    Synopsis: Short Version:

    Emancipating himself from his crazy girlfriend, Barry Shlotzak is in need of a new start, new challenges, and a new life. Hes about to find it when his best friend, Douglas, convinces him to enter a contest, with the Grand Prize being an internship with the local Bar Starz. Everyone knows the Bars Starz, they are the guys who set the trends, get the girls, and personify coolness.

    The local Starz, led by Donnie Pintron, test Barry and his fellow contestants on the maxims of nightclub etiquette. In order to make the cut, the contestants must gain entrance into the most exclusive clubs, dress to perfection, and pick up the hottest chicks. Comedy ensues in this wacky world of nightclub denizens.

    Long Version:

    Everyone knows the Bar Star. Hes the guy that lives to go out and gets any girl he wants when he does. Hes the guy that sets the trends that everyone follows. The ultimate Bar Star was Ricky Fabulous. He started this whole trend of the Bar Star and it still lives on todayBarry and Douglas go 3000 miles away to San Bernardino Junior College. Douglas is trying to emancipate Barry from his former self, and especially, from Barrys crazy ex-girlfriend, Tiffany. On Barrys first day on campus, he already meets two new girls: Ryann, a sweet, attractive girl who actually talks to him, and Pennie, a sultry seductress who frequents the bar scene and wants nothing to do with Barry.Douglas plans to make the nerdy Barry a star. He tells Barry all about the different groups of the bar scene. There are groups like the Thorough Heads, guys who wear a lot of sports wear and try to act like Gangsta Rappers, and Box Heads, the guys who wear tight muscle shirts and engage in homoerotic behavior like constantly slapping hands with each other. After a few more staples of the bar like the random old guy or the 14-year-olds, Douglas tells Barry about the ultimate clique: the Bar Stars. The local stars are TJ Fykus, Cory Lemuixk, and the Lord of the Stars, Donnie Pintron, whose sunglasses never come off. The bar almost stops at his entrance as his presence emanates the feelings of a superior being.The Stars are holding a contest to be their Intern and to be able to roll with them every night (tasks also include making hair and tanning appointments and carrying Lemuixk out of the bar when hes drunk). Douglas gets Barry into the contest.The four other contestants are Phillip, a black guy who acts like a rich white yuppie, Ussef, a rich Arab who has all the hook-ups, Big Mikey, a white Thorough Head, and Brad Thunder, a dense, one-legged Box Head. To get into a bar for his first challenge, Barry, Douglas, and Ryann go on an adventure to the extreme rural back country to get Barry a fake ID. So, Barry gets into the bar, but Phillip is not so lucky as he gives the Doorman an ID of a white guy he truly believes to be himself.Douglass final lesson to make Barry a star is to bring him to see Ricky Fabulous, the ultimate Bar Star, who is now in a nursing home. During the visit, Ricky goes crazy and claims that everyones true colors will be shown and all poser will be found.The next challenge for the Internship is to pick up chicks. Ussef is eliminated when his Uncle comes and drags him out of the bar, never to be seen again. Barry, on the other hand, succeeds in getting a girls phone number, but its Ryanns cousin. On top of that, Ryann sees Barry make out with Pennie, who seems to like Barry now that hes hanging out with the Stars. Ryann storms out and Barry cant stop her.The next challenge is fashion week. This is where Barry needs Ryann the most, but she wont return his calls. Barry shows up to the bar in a mismatched outfit of snakeskin cowboy boots, a baseball hat, and a sport coat. The Stars are not impressed and Barry is eliminated. Pennie and her friends abandon Barry and dump their drinks on his head.Barry has lost everything and does nothing for a few days. Then, Ryann shows up at his door to give him back a text book. Barry takes this opportunity to make up with Ryann, but she wants them to be only friends. They decide to go out to see who wins the Internship.At the bar, Pennie frustratingly shouts out that she is so pissed she never slept with Barry. After hearing this, Ryann is enamored and throws herself into Barrys arms. Fykus then announces the winner of the Internship, and its Brad Thunder! Big Mikey is furious and his crew starts a huge bar fight. In the midst of all the ruckus, a girl walking by slaps Pintron in the face and his sunglasses fly off. When he stands back up, everyone sees that hes cross-eyed! Hes a poser. Douglas picks up Pintrons sunglasses from the ground and puts them on. Everyone around the bar stares at him and chants his name- he is the new Bar Star.

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    Produced By:

    • Venice Clementi known as executive producer
    • Reed Clevenger known as executive producer
    • Reed Clevenger known as producer
    • Jeff Geoffray known as co-executive producer
    • Walter Josten known as co-executive producer
    • Dave Mehalick known as executive producer
    • John Myrick known as co-producer
    • Steve Perry known as co-producer
    • Charlie Picerni known as producer
    • Michael Pietrzak known as producer
    • Dale Scales known as executive producer
    • Dale Scales known as producer
    • Alexander Tabrizi known as executive producer
    • Jon Warner known as co-producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Derek Waters known as Barry
    • Charlie Finn known as Douglas
    • Jana Kramer known as Ryann
    • Jon Gries known as Ricky Fabulous
    • Charles Q. Murphy known as Clay the Doorman / Arnie
    • Jon Bernthal known as Donnie pitron
    • Sam Horrigan known as Brad Thunder
    • Jayma Mays known as Tiffany
    • Nikki Griffin known as Pennie
    • Affion Crockett known as TJ Fykus
    • Eric Ladin known as Cory Lemuixk
    • Daniel Franzese known as Big Mikey
    • Ben Gleib known as Ussef
    • Elena Satine known as Starlet
    • Thomas Hobson known as Phillip
    • Jelynn Rodriguez known as Melanie
    • Keir O'Donnell known as Dick
    • Lillian Adams known as Crazy Old Lady
    • Mikey Day known as Cole
    • Brandon Molale known as Coach
    • Jeremy Radin known as Kid
    • Kandiss Edmundson known as Shawna
    • Kristy DiBiccari known as Random Girl
    • Nicole Cavazos known as Patty
    • Tarita Virtue known as Hot Woman on Treadmill
    • Resmine Atis known as Bartender
    • Ritche Lago Bautista known as Bar Patron
    • Elvina Beck known as Starlet (as Elvina Kimberly)
    • Christian Eric Billings known as Stage Bouncer
    • Ben Blair known as Big Mikey's Entourage
    • Andrea Bogart known as Gabby
    • Kathleen Davis known as Club Patron
    • Misa Doi known as College Student
    • Johnny Dowers known as Wingman for Ricky Fabulous (as Jake Alston)
    • Cynthia Giorgio known as Workout Girl #1
    • Gina Giorgio known as Workout Girl #2
    • Cayman Grant known as Angered Bar Patron
    • Zebulun Huling known as Wigga
    • Kristen Karvouni known as Starlet
    • Mike Koperski known as Clubber
    • Angel Lebon known as Bouncer (as Nobel Chen)
    • Molly Lynch known as Random Girl #2
    • Ivonne Macias known as Sarlet
    • Laurie Mark known as Starlet
    • Dee Mas known as Waitress
    • Shawn McDonald known as Club owner
    • Melanie Miller known as Starlet
    • Patrick Pietrzak known as Weird Bar Back
    • Michael Placencia known as Keith Backdraft
    • Eriq F. Prince known as Bouncer
    • Angel Princess known as Student
    • Kavi Raz known as Ahmad
    • Kristina Romaine known as Starlet
    • Robbin Ryan
    • Dana Schick known as Starlet
    • Gem Silver known as Starlet
    • Brian Tarbox known as Club Patron
    • Talan Torriero known as Lenny Botz
    • Rudy Villagrana known as VIP Bouncer
    • Silvana Warnes known as Starlet
    • Shea Weaver known as Hot College Girl #2
    • Haely White known as Starlet
    • Alexis Zibolis known as Girl in gym
    • Ashleigh Boiros known as Club Patron (uncredited)
    • Cameron Lee known as Student (uncredited)

    ..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

    • Susan Romero known as makeup department head

    Art Department:

    • Joe Barrett known as set dresser
    • Scott Buckwald known as property master
    • William Folger known as p.a.
    • Diana Goodwin known as art department coordinator
    • Peggy Johnson known as set painter
    • Thomas V. Johnson known as lead scenic
    • Mareo-Ahmir Lawson known as art department production assistant
    • Penny Wesney known as set painter


    Production Companies:

    • OBX Productions
    • Vici Films

    Other Companies:

    • Act One Script Clearance  script research
    • Alkemi Entertainment  trailer editing
    • Dawn Patrol  key art design
    • Direct Tools & Fasteners  expendables
    • Panavision  camera equipment provided by
    • Post Group, The  post-production facilities
    • Warner Brothers  post-production facilities


    • Slowhand Cinema Releasing (2008) (USA) (theatrical)
    • Gravitas Ventures (2010) (USA) (video) (VOD)
    • Vici Films (2008) (USA) (all media)

    ..{tab=Other Stuff}Release Date:

    • USA 7 March 2008 (limited)

    MPAA: Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor, and language


    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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