An Empress and the Warriors (2008)

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  • Rate: 5.7/10 total 1,913 votes 
  • Genre: Action | Drama | Romance | War
  • Release Date: 19 March 2008 (Hong Kong)
  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Director: Siu-Tung Ching
  • Stars: Donnie Yen, Xiaodong Guo and Zhenghai Kou
  • Original Music By: Mark Lui (original music by)  
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Empress | Blood | Poison Dart | Female Warrior | Love

Writing Credits By:

  • James Yuen (screenplay) &
  • Cheung Tan (screenplay) (as Cheung Tan) &
  • Tin Nam Chun (screenplay)

Known Trivia

    Plot: After the death of her father, a woman is forced to take over as empress and fight to save her kingdom. Full summary »  »

    Story: Can a kingdom change its nature? Yan, one of the Ten Kingdoms, is constantly at war. Yan's emperor dies from a battle wound and a general's treachery. His successor is unclear: his daughter Feier, who would be the kingdom's first empress; his favorite, Xuehu, a warrior of noble heart but not noble blood; and, Hu Ba, the ambitious traitor. Xuehu is Feier's protector and teaches her how to be a warrior queen. Hu's followers plot her failure, first in a kidnapping plot, then in a coup. Feier is saved from the kidnap attempt by Duan Lanquan, an ingenious hermit with a shrouded past. He treats her wound and gives her a vision of a different kind of kingdom. Can his dream become hers?Written by <>  


    Synopsis: The story is set in ancient China before its unification, during which countless kingdoms battle for supremacy. Yen Feier [Kelly Chen] is thrust onto the throne when her father is killed in battle. Feier and her loyal Muyong Xuehu [Donnie Yen] unite to defend the kingdom. But her ambitious cousin Wu Ba [Guo Xiao-dong] sends assassins to kill her. A mysterious man Duan Lan-Quan [Leon Lai] saves her. Feier falls in love with Duan who offers her another life. With the fate of their kingdom in the balance, Feier must choose between her duty and her dreams.

    {tab=FullCast & Crew}

    Produced By:

    • Claudie Chung Chun known as executive producer (as Claudie Chung)
    • Gin Lau known as producer
    • Kim Wah Lo known as line producer (as Lo Kim Wah)
    • Andrew Loo known as associate producer

    FullCast & Crew:

    • Donnie Yen known as Muyong Xuehu
    • Xiaodong Guo known as Hu Ba (as Guo Xiao Dong)
    • Zhenghai Kou known as Teng Bochang (as Kou Zhen Hai)
    • Kelly Chen known as Yen Feier
    • Leon Lai known as Duan Lanquan
    • Weihua Liu known as King Yan (as Liu Wei Hua)
    • Shan Zhang known as King Zhao (as Zhang Shan)
    • Bo Zhou known as Ao Jia (as Zhou Bo)
    • Jie Yan known as Prince Zhao (as Yan Jie)
    • Daichi Harashima known as Young Muyong Xuehu
    • Yi-Yi Yang known as Young Yan Feier (as Yang Yi Yi)
    • Zhonghe Zhou known as Tribal Priest (as Chou Zhong He)
    • Asoka Liu known as Tribal Priest's Helper
    • Dong Dong Wang known as Yan's Official (as Wang Dong Dong)
    • Xinyi Liu known as Yan's Official (as Liu Xin Yi)
    • Jackie Wang known as Yan's Official
    • Guoyi Chen known as Yan's Official (as Chen Guo Yi)
    • Shengyu Jin known as Yan's Official (as Jin Sheng Yu)
    • Xiaofei Sun known as Yan's Official (as Sun Xiao Fei)
    • Li Min Deng known as Yan's Deputy (as Deng Li Min)
    • Hongqing Guo known as Yan's Deputy (as Guo Hong Qing)
    • Bo Peng known as Yan's Deputy (as Peng Bo)
    • Yuan Li known as Yan's Deputy (as Li Yuan)
    • Tian Hao known as Yan's Deputy (as Hao Tian)
    • Zhi Peng known as Zhao's Deputy (as Peng Zhi)
    • Kang Chen known as Assassin (as Chen Kang)
    • Jie Zhang known as Assassin (as Zhang Jie)
    • Zhiwei Liu known as Assassin (as Liu Zi Wei)
    • Jianming Lin known as Assassin (as Lin Jiang Ming)
    • Wang Xin known as Assassin (as Xin Wang)
    • Jin Zhang known as Assassin (as Zhang Jin)
    • Guo Chao Sun known as Assassin (as Sun Guo Chao)
    • Zhiyong Xie known as Assassin (as Xie Zhi Yong)
    • Guoxiong Yin known as Assassin (as Yin Guo Xiong)
    • Jun Zhang known as Assassin (as Zhang Jun)
    • Hailong Yin known as Assassin (as Yin Hai Long)
    • Qiu Sheng Peng known as Assassin (as Peng Qiu Sheng)
    • Lu Wang known as Other (as Wang Lu)
    • Fu Xian Zhang known as Other (as Zhang Fu Xian)
    • Qiu Sheng Zhao known as Other (as Zhao Qiu Sheng)
    • Yuan Jia Pan known as Other (as Pan Yuan Jia)
    • You Zhang known as Other (as Zhang You)
    • Da Liang Qiao known as Other (as Qiao Da Liang)
    • Weidong Zhang known as Other (as Zhang Wei Dong)
    • Liang Chen known as Other (as Chen Liang)
    • Yachao Wang known as Other (as Wang Ya Chao)
    • Zhen Tan known as Other (as Tan Zhen)
    • Yongsheng Wang known as Other (as Wang Yong Sheng)
    • Wei Huang known as Other (as Wei Huang)
    • Xiaoming Zhang known as Other (as Zhang Xiao Ming)
    • Bing Yuan Li known as Other (as Li Bing Yuan)
    • Hung Zhi Yan known as Other (as Yan Hung Zhi)
    • Hai Jiang Zhang known as Other (as Zhang Hai Jiang)
    • Xin Liang Jiang known as Other (as Jiang Xin Liang)
    • Bing Bo known as Other (as Bo Bing)
    • Xu Yang Liu known as Other (as Li Xu Yang)
    • Yi Fan Xiao known as Other (as Xiao Yi Fan)
    • Forest Zhu known as Other
    • Xue Liang Zhu known as Other (as Zhu Xue Liang)
    • Ying Ji Wang known as Other (as Wang Ying Ji)
    • Chen Zhi Hui known as Diao Erbao

    ..{tab=Supporting Department}Makeup Department:

    • Tam Ying Kwan known as hair stylist (as Tam Ying Kwan)
    • Siu Wai Ngok known as makeup artist (as Ngok Siu Wai)

    Art Department:

    • Man Chow known as props master (as Chow Man)
    • Kai-Kit Chung known as storyboard illustrator (as Chung Kai Kit)
    • Kam-Wai Dung known as propsman (as Dung Kam Wai)
    • Siu Hung Lai known as set dresser (as Lai Siu Hung)
    • Lok Man Leung known as assistant art director (as Leung Lok Men)
    • Ching-Tam Ng known as propsman (as Ng Ching Tam)
    • Kam-Shing Tam known as propsman (as Tam Kam Shing)
    • Wai Cheung Tam known as set dresser (as Tam Wai Cheung)


    Production Companies:

    • Beijing Poly-bona Film Publishing Company
    • BIG Pictures
    • United Filmmakers Organization (UFO)

    Other Companies:

    • Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.  digital intermediate
    • Cine Art Laboratory  film processing
    • Cinerent  camera and lighting equipment provided by
    • CyberPort Digital Media Centre  digital film output
    • Hualong Digital Film Production Company  telecine
    • Kodak (Hong Kong) Ltd.  film stock supplied by
    • Kodak Cinelabs  film processing
    • Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.  subtitles
    • Media Business Service Limited  dialogue dubbing: Cantonese
    • Soundfirm Beijing Co.  post-production sound services


    • Mei Ah Entertainment (2008) (Asia) (all media)
    • Golden Village Entertainment (2008) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    • Group Power (2008) (Taiwan) (theatrical)
    • Mediacorp Raintree Pictures (2008) (Singapore) (theatrical)
    • Twin Co. Ltd. (2009) (Japan) (theatrical)
    • Genius Products
    • Icon Film Distribution (2010) (Australia) (DVD)
    • Multivision (2009) (Italy) (all media)
    • Splendid Film (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD)
    • Splendid Film (2009) (Netherlands) (DVD) (Blu-ray)

    ..{tab=Other Stuff}

    Special Effects:

    • Menfond Electronic Art & Computer Design Company (visual effects)

    Visual Effects by:

    • Yan Chan known as compositor
    • Edward Pak known as compositor
    • Joey Tang known as digital compositor

    Release Date:

    • Germany 9 February 2008 (European Film Market)
    • Hong Kong 19 March 2008
    • Singapore 27 March 2008
    • South Korea 9 April 2008
    • Canada 15 July 2008 (Fantasia Film Festival)
    • Poland 3 October 2008
    • Germany 7 November 2008 (Munich Asia Filmfest)
    • Germany 22 December 2008 (DVD premiere)
    • Japan 4 April 2009
    • Netherlands 16 June 2009 (DVD premiere)
    • Italy 3 August 2011 (DVD premiere)

    MPAA: Rated R for some battle violence


    Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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