Admiral (2008)

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  • Rate: 6.6/10 total 3,316 votes 
  • Genre: Drama | History | War
  • Release Date: 9 October 2008 (Armenia)
  • Runtime: 124 min
  • Filming Location: Irkutsk, Russia
  • Budget: $22,000,000(estimated)
  • Gross: $78,287,970(worldwide)
  • Director: Andrey Kravchuk
  • Stars: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Elizaveta Boyarskaya and Sergey Bezrukov
  • Original Music By: Gleb Matveychuk   
  • Sound Mix: Dolby Digital
  • Plot Keyword: Admiral | Russian Civil War | Naval Uniform | Warship | Naval

Writing Credits By:

    (in alphabetical order)

  • Zoya Kudrya 
  • Vladimir Valutskiy  writer

Known Trivia

  • The title uses old Russian orthography, abandoned after the October Socialist Revolution of 1917.

Goofs: Factual errors: During the opening sequence at the Baltic Sea (November 1916, according to the captions), Admiral Kolchak identifies the pursuing German battleship as the SMS Friedrich Carl and enters his own minefield in order to escape. Later, when the Germans are about to blast the immobile and damaged Russian vessel, they strike a mine and their ship blows apart and sinks within seconds with a clear big loss of lives. Actually, although the SMS Friedrich Carl was in fact sunk by Russian mines, this happened two years before than the movie shows (November 1914). Besides, she stayed afloat for several hours, enough for the battle cruiser SMS Augsburg to arrive to the scene and rescue most of the crew, and only 8 crew members were lost. (In reference to a deliberate mistake, it is very unlikely that an experienced seaman and high rank officer such as Kolchak had mistaken a ship for one that the entire Russian navy knew had sunk two years before.)

Plot: This is a story of a great love facing the greatest drama of the history of Russia. Full summary »  »

Story: Admiral Kolchak is a true war hero and beloved husband and father. One day he meets Anna, the love of his life and the wife of his best friend. The revolution in his heart faces the revolution in his own country… His destiny is to became the Supreme Rules of Russia.Written by Abatoli Maksimov  


Synopsis: Admiral is a historical fiction film set in Russia during the time of the 1917 revolution. The plot centers on Admiral Kolchak, a WWI war hero and naval commander who played an important role in the February Revolution and the ensuing Russian Civil War. Kolchak’s physical participation in the fight against the Bolshevik regime is emotionally paralleled by his relationship with Anna Vaselivna, the wife of his best friend. Their journies beautifully intertwine to create a romantic image of the White Army and the Provisional Government while vivdly portraying all the horrifying details of that tulmultous period in Russia’s history. Part of a new movement to revive and honor figures declared "enemies of the state" by the Soviet regime to their perhaps rightful statuses as martyrs and heroes, Admiral is a graceful and glory-filled expression of how the revolution of a heart can become the revolution of a country.

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Produced By:

  • Mikhail Churbanov known as co-producer
  • Dzhanik Fayziev known as producer
  • Anatoly Maximov known as producer
  • Dmitry Yurkov known as producer (as D. Yurkov)

FullCast & Crew:

  • Konstantin Khabenskiy known as Admiral
  • Elizaveta Boyarskaya known as Anna
  • Sergey Bezrukov known as General Kappel
  • Vladislav Vetrov known as Sergey Timirev
  • Anna Kovalchuk known as Sofya
  • Egor Beroev known as Mikhail Smirnov
  • Richard Bohringer known as General Zhannen
  • Oleg Fomin known as Nikolay Podgurskiy
  • Anatoliy Pashinin known as Rostislav Ognivtsev
  • Dmitriy Shcherbina known as Vladimir Rybaltovskiy
  • Viktor Verzhbitskiy known as Kerenskiy
  • Aleksandr Klyukvin known as Premer-ministr Pepelyaev
  • Fyodor Bondarchuk known as Kinorezhisser Sergey Fyodorovich
  • Nikolay Burlyaev known as Imperator
  • Olga Ostroumova
  • Nikolay Reutov
  • Igor Savochkin
  • Mikhail Eliseev
  • Aleksandr Efimov
  • Aleksandr Bargman
  • Aleksandr Lazarev
  • Kirill Pletnev (as Kirill Pletnyov)
  • Aleksandr Yakovlev
  • Aleksandr Vorobyov
  • Kseniya Kuznetsova
  • Sergey Vlasov
  • Seydulla Moldakhanov
  • Aleksandr Tyutin
  • Aleksandr Kozlyakov
  • Vitaliy Zikora
  • Stefan Kompanon
  • Yuriy Akulinin (as Yu. Akulinin)
  • N. Amelko
  • Vladimir Begma (as V. Begma)
  • Evgeniy Berezovskiy (as E. Berezovskiy)
  • Yuriy Breshin (as Yu. Breshin)
  • Elena Buyvidis (as E. Buyvidis)
  • Aleksandr Vontov (as A. Vontov)
  • Vitaliy Golovkin (as V. Golovkin)
  • Maksim Gudkov (as M. Gudkov)
  • Elena Danilova (as E. Danilova)
  • Igor Dankovtsev (as I. Dankovtsev)
  • Antonina Demanova (as A. Demanova)
  • Igor Dobryakov (as I. Dobryakov)
  • Dmitriy Dyakonov (as D. Dyakonov)
  • Vladimir Dyachkov (as V. Dyachkov)
  • Gennadi Yegorov (as G. Egorov)
  • Konstantin Kormazin (as K. Karmazin)
  • Vladimir Kebin (as V. Kebin)
  • Damir Kolomiychenko (as D. Kolomiychenko)
  • Vladimir Kostin (as V. Kostin)
  • Nikolay Kochura (as N. Kochura)
  • Feliks Krol (as F. Krol)
  • Vitaliy Kuklin (as V. Kuklin)
  • V. Kutepov
  • Aleksey Larionov (as A. Larionov)
  • Mikhail Luchko (as M. Luchko)
  • Yuriy Mazikhin (as Yu. Mazikhin)
  • Romuald Makarenko (as R. Makarenko)
  • I. Mezhov
  • O. Nazarenko
  • Dmitriy Novikov (as D. Novikov)
  • Natalya Parashkina (as N. Parashkina)
  • Konstantin Prilepskiy (as K. Prilepskiy)
  • Eduard Prokin (as E. Prokin)
  • Alexander Rapoport (as A. Rappoport)
  • Yu. Rezvan
  • Mikhail Samokhvalov (as M. Samokhvalov)
  • V. Semenov
  • Vasya Sklyar (as V. Sklyar)
  • Aleksandr Solovev (as A. Solovev)
  • Konstantin Spasskiy (as K. Spasskiy)
  • Ilya Spinov (as I. Spinov)
  • Mikhail Stepanov (as M. Stepanov)
  • Dmitriy Sutyrin (as D. Sutyrin)
  • Aleksey Telesh (as A. Telesh)
  • Nikolay Trifilov (as N. Trefilov)
  • Nikolai Tyrin (as N. Tyrin)
  • V. Faynshteyn
  • Aleksandr Fastovskiy (as A. Fastovskiy)
  • Valeriy Filonov (as V. Filonov)
  • Gennadiy Khvorykh (as G. Khvorykh)
  • Anna Tsukanova (as A. Tsukanova)
  • Artyom Tsypin (as A. Tsypin)
  • Valeriy Yudin (as V. Yudin)
  • Aleksey Bragin known as Matros (uncredited)
  • Barbara Brylska known as Nyanya malenkogo Kolchaka (uncredited)
  • Pavel Kornakov known as Ofitser (uncredited)
  • Vladimir Laptev known as Gurevich (uncredited)
  • Irina Pegova known as Vera (uncredited)
  • Sergey Pereboev known as Ranenyy ofister (uncredited)
  • Ada Rogovtseva known as Anna v starosti (uncredited)
  • Vladimir Zaytsev known as General (uncredited)

..{tab=Supporting Department}Art Department:

  • Sergey Musin known as pre-production artist: scenes and environments


Production Companies:

  • Film Direction
  • Dago Productions


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  • Atlantic Film (2009) (Finland) (DVD)
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  • Twentieth Century Fox C.I.S. (2008) (Latvia) (all media)
  • Twentieth Century Fox C.I.S. (2008) (Moldova) (all media)
  • Twentieth Century Fox C.I.S. (2008) (Russia) (all media)

..{tab=Other Stuff}

Special Effects:

  • ActionSFX
  • Main Road Post

Visual Effects by:

  • Arslan Abdusalamov known as digital animator: particle and fluids effects: Dago Productions
  • Maksim Aksenov known as digital effects artist: compositor: Dago Productions
  • Georgiy Asriyants known as digital artist: main road post
  • Andrey Bakulin known as digital artist: matte painter
  • Gregory Chalenko known as digital compositor: Dago
  • Pavel Gorbachev known as digital animation and modeling supervisor: Dago Productions
  • Vladimir Kasian known as visual effects artist
  • Evgeniy Kyaburu known as digital artist: main road post
  • Viktor Lavrentyev known as digital compositor
  • Natalya Mazevich known as digital artist: matte painter
  • Sergey Musin known as digital artist
  • Aleksandr Oplanchuk known as digital compositor: V-Jet Studio
  • Vasily Peregud known as digital modeler
  • Denis Prokhodtsev known as lead digital modeler: shading: Dago Productions
  • Mikhail Pustovalov known as digital artist: main road post
  • Sergey Savenkov known as visual effects supervisor
  • Innokenty Shevchenko known as digital fluid effects
  • Maria Solovieva known as visual effects producer: Dago Productions
  • Andrey Stern known as digital compositor
  • Andrey Stremousov known as lead digital artist: main road post
  • Nickolas Sushkevich known as digital effects artist: compositor: Dago Productions
  • Irina Valencia-Campo known as vfx art-director: main road post
  • Vera Vasilenko known as post-production coordinator
  • Alexander Volos known as digital effects artist: lead compositor: Dago Productions (as Alexander Kuzmin)
  • Arman Yahin known as co-digital effects supervisor: Main Road Post

Release Date:

  • Russia 22 September 2008 (limited)
  • Armenia 9 October 2008
  • Belarus 9 October 2008
  • Estonia 9 October 2008
  • Georgia 9 October 2008
  • Kazakhstan 9 October 2008
  • Latvia 9 October 2008
  • Lithuania 9 October 2008
  • Moldova 9 October 2008
  • Russia 9 October 2008
  • Ukraine 9 October 2008
  • Germany 6 February 2009 (European Film Market)
  • South Korea 16 April 2009
  • USA May 2009 (Seattle International Film Festival)
  • Czech Republic 30 July 2009
  • Hungary 24 September 2009
  • Poland 13 November 2009 (Festiwal Filmów Rosyjskich Sputnik nad Polska)
  • Turkey 16 June 2010 (DVD premiere)
  • France 7 July 2010 (DVD premiere)


Filmography links and data courtesy of The Internet Movie Database

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